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    Yes po.
  • cheaper long distance call

    Hi Everyone. This is Mari from Sysnet Integrators, Inc., Philippines. Our company has developed a new way to communicate to your family, relatives, and friends. We are now currently looking for those Filipino Organizations in Singapore with whom we can introduce our project. Our company president will pay a visit to Singapore by next week so if you are interested kindly email me at [email protected] to set an appointment. This project will really help all OFWs all around the world.
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    Hi Guys, sorry sa sobrang delay na fix sa Rate Exchange :) Fix na. ayaw na kasi ng PNB mag share sa site nila. pero nakagawa ng paraan. haha.
  • Pass Status Check Online: Pass Type Appears as Employment Pass Pending?


    Option 1: Process POEA stuffs

    1. Ano pong kelangan ko from the company?
    Contract, job offer and meron pa isa doc na ibibigay sayo sa POEA then you need to send that doc sa employer mo for them to endorse with company seal/stamp. (See attached image)

    2. Should I ask for a copy of the contract kahit wala pang IPA?
    In my case, yung contract was sent of course after ng approval na ng pass. They sent me a scanned copy of the contract pero meron din ako kc dala na job acceptance agreement na signed both ng employer and myself when they confirmed me sa position. I am just not sure if meron ka ganyan.

    3. Can I print a copy of the IPA online if ever it's already approved? Or should this be mailed by the company?
    Yung IPA hindi sya yung same sa kung san ka nagchecheck ng pass wherein makikita mo lang dun is ang result. MOM will send the IPA directly to the agency or company na nag apply. Again, scanned copy yan and you need to print for submission sa POEA.

    NOTE: Ako natapos ko 2 full days processing ng POEA. You need to prepare more or less 10k pesos for the entire processing/fees. Kelangan mo mag take ng medical exam. Meron POEA processing fee and OWWA membership na in USD so basically hindi mo alam magkano exchange rate. Pero sa akin nun basta 5k plus sya. Medical around 2-3k. I can't really remember the exact amount pero around those figures lang. Then I paid for 6 mos na Philhealth and Pag-ibig mga ganun pero I think hindi yan requirement. Meron ka din seminar na they call PDOS (Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar) better check mo na ang sched pra makaattend ka agad and matapos the earliest time possible. Yun lang nakalimutan ko na if pwede mauna yun or kelangan na may na daanan ka muna na ibang process. Of course huwag mo din kalimutan yung passport mo, diploma, TOR. Meron naman nag phopotocopy dun but may pila din so if pwede mag produce kna photocopy ng docs mo. Then meron pa isa naku nakalimutan ko ulit ano na doc un basta pina notarize pa then submit na naman balik sa POEA. Sa tabi ng POEA meron dyan mga law office na nagnonotarize. Sa buiding dyan na una mo makikita is may BDO and convenience store (dko lang alam if iba na ngayon, lol!)

    4. What else do I need from PH para maka balik dito ulit sa SG?
    Once you are done sa POEA and nakuha mo na OEC mo and cert sa seminar, need mo yan dalin. Basta lahat ng nakuha mo dun mga binayaran mo receipts (OEC), cert, contract, passport, IPA dalin mo lahat kc hahanapin ng IO sa atin kc as OFW na labas mo ng bansa.

    Option 2: Balik as Tourist
    1. Ilang araw pa dapat bago ako bumalik?
    May chances ma offload ka kc technically babalik ka din kaagad upon approval but of course case to case. As what I have mentioned sa previous ko na comment eh iba iba talaga pinagdaanan natin. Meron ako kilala na lumabas ng bansa as tourist. She took the risk, nakalusot (Cebu sya dumaan) BUT nakauwi sya bwan na sya nag stay sa atin kc rejected pass nya and she waited kc inappeal ng employer.

    2. Risky ba na bumalik ulit dito knowning na nakatatak na 30 days na ako?
    Yes. Although ang worry mo talaga is IO Pinas. Pag nakalusot ka dun wala na issue kc IPA lang enough na sa immig dito SG.

  • Questions on In-Principle Approval and S-Pass

    Hi guys!

    Gusto ko lang po mag thank you sa lahat ng tumulong sa akin sa pag chase ng aking Singapore dreams.
    I decided not to continue the chase kasi mukhang hindi siya para sa akin, maybe some other time.
    Nag accept na ako ng job offer sa Dubai and started working on the requirements already.

    Again, thank you sa inyong lahat for providing expert guidance and tips. It was greatly appreciated!
    God bless!

    Nangyari rin sken yan pero 20sgd lang nakuha sken. Una may tumawag sken for interview daw at eemail sken yung other info at yung position is for engineering assistant. Alam ko agency sya kaya nag baka sakali ako tapos interview tapos wala man lang nabanggit sa position na sinasabi nila at aapplyan ko at bigla cla nag offer na cla magpapasa ng resume ko for 20sgd nkakutob nko na scam yta toh kaya nag ingat nko at may pinapipirmahan saken binasa ko talaga maigi bka may smthing pero wala nman. Pero thankfully kay God nka hanap nman ako hg work without there help which i never heard from them. Pero may tumatawag sken na taga MOM tinanong regarding sa agency na yun at kung nakuha ko ba work ko dahil sa kanila sinabi ko na nakuha ko yung work ko on my own at tinanong nila ako kung nagbayad ako which is oo at ini invite akong mag testify laban sa agency na yun.
  • For application of New S Pass from New Emplyer

    @Kebs thanks for the info.

    @carpejem thanks sa info.

    @PinkPasta wala p nman pirmahan ng contract just for application lang ng pass and advise nman ni new employer na wag muna magresign until wala pa approval ng new pass.
  • Pass Status Check Online: Pass Type Appears as Employment Pass Pending?

    pag kaapproved bro..makikita mo siya as S Pass..
    For now, Employment pass muna yan.
  • For job seekers, come in! register with us now!

    @PinkPasta It depends on the business model. One way or another the agency/headhunter will get paid. Either through up front/staggered payments form employee, indirect between what they will charge employer per hour vs what clears your bank account or through a one off payment from employer.

    Ultimately the value add is identical,ie you need a job. But all players in the game are bound by the same market, same MoM rules. "They can only do local, foreign, etc" - it's all rubbish... when you get a job offer you all have to apply to the same Ministry of Manpower for a pass and they won't give a toss as to which agency has organised your job offer for you, as you will be assessed based on your own individual merit vs their criteria.

    So as a job seeker why bother making an upfront payment when you dont really have to. Once you've released money it can be tricky to get back especially if the agency knows you have a time bound limitation. Try chasing for your money back when you're outside the country. It's been done many times, it's all legal, it all gets swept under the rug and you'll end up just turning a blind eye and move on, then later on complain about your experience on a board like this.

    An agency's true value is if they actually land you a job, in which case is when they really should be paid (again only my own personal opinion, others obviously are willing to shell money out of sheer desperation and perhaps fool themselves into a sense of security that may or may not come to fruition).

    If you guys want, why don't we organise a meetup, let's get some participants and we can all share with you how you can land a job without paying up front agency fees.

    Again this post is not intended to disparage original poster - just stating facts - obviously this business model works as it's quite easy to setup shop and clearly there is demand. It's usually the large established ones that don't require such upfront payments, whereas for startups, it generates a lot of easy cash flow to keep the company afloat during the early stages of operation.
  • Job Hunting(Accounts/HR/Admin)

    @PinkPasta ng ganun naman pala try mo na rin tulungan ung iba na gustong gusto mag ka @abbyd Viduya ata gustong gusto magka work...bka pwede mo na rin tulungan....

    alam ko madami dyan di lang sya....iba kasi pag nakapag work ka dto.......iba talaga pag nakita ka ng dollar....nyahhahaha