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Common Interview Questions and Possible Answers in Singapore

Hello sa lahat ng mga kabayan on this thread. Most of the queries here sa Pinoysg is more like how to land a job in Singapore. I dont know, pero wala pa sa Sticky Topic yung mga sample interview questions and answers na specific to Singapore. This will be a helpful thread dun sa mga sasabak palang sa interview, and walang idea on the ins and outs of the ineterview process here in SG. Dun sa mga merong recent experience sa interview, maybe we can share yung mga tanong satin, of course it will depend on what field are we in. I just want to build like a database type of thread, where you can chime in and share ur experiences, either positive or negative. I think it will create an atmosphere of helping out one another in this forum. God bless mga kabayan! :)


  • Relax & be Confident. Questions are simpler / bit straightforward than my experience in PH. hahaha
  • Agree ako kay bro @carpejem , they will go directly sa experience mo. Seldom will they go for the "what is ur Strength and weakness" kinda question. More like personal experience on the job. Crucial ung maglalagay sila ng "scenario" and how will u handle it. Theres no right and wrong answer for that, lalabas lang talaga yung EQ mo, especially if nsa Customer service field ka. Another take away is to know the company. Hindi ito common sa Pinas na tinatanong, but here, need mo to research and atleast know what type of business ung company na ina-applyan mo.
  • yeah, sa lahat ng naging interviews ko, pare pareho lang. tell me about your experience. and depende sa isasagot mo ang follow up questions. simula nang magapply ako, may list nako ng questions at sariling sagot ko xempre. binabasa ko ng paulit2, and infairness malaking tulong sya pag actual interview na. kasi practisado nako, tipong dna magboblockmind at matatameme kasi prepared.
  • actually mas mas mahirap pa interviews sa pinas. ang challenge lang dito eh pag-intindi ng Singlish accent. so dagdag tip, nood ng videos at sanayin ang tenga sa Singlish.
  • Exactly @maya , on point yang sinabi mo. Next week will be my 5th job in span of 10 years here in SG, so technically I jump ship every 2 yrs. haha, I really encourage to have a cheat sheet, or like a draft of all the possible questions / scenarios they will try to ask. Tapos, try to practice it aloud. Sabi nga dati, harap sa salamin at pretend na nsa actual interview ka. Its still effective. It helps you to be more comfortable speaking in english, tsaka ung mga right words, alam mo na.
  • tama be confident dapat. panu mo makukuha confidence mo edi mag practice dapat ang peg lagi para kang sasali ng pageant pag handaan mo lahat ng itatanung sayo, lagi tatandaan na mahirap makakuha ng interview lalo na sa first time palang mag aapply kaya dapat 100% effort sa lahat ng interviews para di mag sisi sa huli
  • oo nga, sa sobrang hirap magkainterview, pag nabigyan ka ng isa, itodo mo na.
  • I'm sharing my cheat sheet para sa mga kabayan dyan na merong interview. This is generalized form, so yung mga iba, may not fit sa apply nyo. But if you have able to answer these questions, then most likely na cover mo na ung mga potential questions. Hope this helps!

    1. Know the company – do your research!
    a. What is it about the company that interests you?
    b. Who are their main competitors?
    c. What do you know about their products?

    2. Know your achievements:
    a. What are your key achievements in your career?
    b. What examples of success do you have?

    3. What skills and experience do you have that make you suitable for this role?
    (You may want to use the job description as a guide to help you think about this)

    4. Why are you interested in this position?
    a. How can you put across your interest in this area of the market?
    b. Why would you be motivated to work in this market area?
    c. What experience do you have that makes you relevant for the position?

    5. Reasons for leaving
    a. Why did you leave X Company? (make sure your reasons are well thought through)

    6. How does this role fit into your plans for your next steps in career?

    7. Know the products:

    8. Key Competencies – think of a time when you...
    a. Solved a problem – how?
    b. Achieved a goal – what steps did you take to get there?
    c. Dealt with difficult situation – how did you respond?
    d. Were unsuccessful – how did you respond?
    e. Managed a team
    f. Worked as part of a team

    9. Think practically:
    a. How did this role fit into your life situation practically?
    b. How realistic is it for you to fulfil this role?

    I will probably hand written all the answer pra merong memory retention. If nakapasa ka na sa interview, keep it for future consideration. You never know opportunity will knock again. hehe. never say never. :)
  • Just wanted to share lang po at pointer din naman for job applicants na I know one employer/interviewer who turned down an applicant kasi they felt na yung applicant eh gusto lang talaga dito sa SG that's it. Of course, companies are looking for competitive individuals who can contribute and be an asset to their organization. Hindi yung gagawin lang sila way para makapunta dito and yung gusto lang talaga ang bansang SG.

    Good Luck guys! :)
  • edited June 2018
    knowing other people's answer is not helpful at all, unless you intend to fake your answer/use other people's answer.
    magmumukha lang insincere sa sagot sa mga tanong.
    most interview questions will be based on your personal experience and knowledge on the role and company.
    prepare, research the role, the company profile, list down all your experiences and detailed responsibilities on those roles, be prepared to answer questions based on your OWN experience and skills not on others' experience.
  • Agree sir @tambay7 . Not saying that we copy paste everything we see here, we know better than that. But what we want to share is ung generic questions and experiences na applicable sa lahat ng field in terms of Interview. Also, it would not hurt kung malaman mo yung mga sagot ng ibang tao, which you can tweak and tailor-fit sayong experience. Sharing is caring. :D
  • Sakin 'Just tell me something about yourself' tas nung snbi kona experience ko dun sila nagfollow up questions. Parang pinapaelaborate lang ung expi mo ganon po
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