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Employee with lung scar

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Not sure if this the right section to post this question but ill ask it anyway. :)

Possible ba na magkawork sa Singapore kahit may lung scar?

I know this might be a sensitive topic sa iba, but this can be beneficial doon sa mga pinoys na gusto magwork sa SG pero natatakot kasi may lung scar sila.

anyone nanagwowork na sa Singapore kahit may lung scar?


  • Only Doctor would advise you, if theres a room for treatment, i don't think this could be a problem. Cheers!
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    Hi carpejem,

    so possible magapprove yung pass basta issuehan ka ng doctor ng fit to work? I have an existing lung scar at scar na lang talaga due to previous illness many many years ago. I have done sputum test here sa pinas negative naman and comparing yung previous xrays ko sa current one, walang pinagbago - kita lang tlaga yung scar.

    I'm still worried baka iba yung standard nila sa SG. sayang maganda pa nman yung work.
  • I don't see any problem if doctor allow u to work. To add your fret, doctors here are stringent. Hehe. Its Win-win situation
  • demn.... :) i just hope they are professional. Do you have any idea of what hospital is the best for my case?
  • @rksg123 know one na hindi na-approve ang pass dahil same issue with you; may scar

    pero meron ding na-approve though may mga additional docs/tests na ni-require

    prepare mo na lang lahat ng docs/results mo just in case na maghanap sila. particular kasi sila dito sa ganyan and sa HIV (x-ray and blood test)

    good luck and God Bless
  • So depende talaga sa doctor. Good luck to me then!! Kausapin ko na lng HR regarding this pag balik ko sa SG, pra matulungan nila ako sa mga dapat gawin.
  • @rksg123 nag undergo ka na po ba ng medical sa SG? Keep us posted regarding your situation maraming matutulungan yung ganyang concern.. May nabasa din akong ganyang case you should admit lang daw pag nag medical ka and present documents na cured ka na talaga..
  • @cdesperat Hindi pa ako nagpapamedical. currently inaantay pa yung approval ng pass.

    may mga documents naman ako na magpapatunay na cured na ko at napaconsult na rin ako this week. Nagpaissue na rin ako ng medical report sa pulmo dito sa pinas baka lang makatuong. Sasabihin ko na lang sa HR pag iischedule na nila ako ng medical yung sitwasyon ko pra maguide nila ako ng tama.
  • @rksg123 good luck and God Bless. good to know din na magaling ka na
  • @kabo matagal na actually. College days pa nung nagkasakit ako and im in my early 30s na. Got all checked na currently dito satin I just hope na hindi iba yung makita dyan sa singapore and they will consider me fit to work.
  • @rksg123 - depende siguro kung gaano kalaki yung scar mo.

    I also have lung scar but been working here in Singapore for more than 6 years and every medical ko e ok naman.
  • @Zell Wow. Good to hear that. Anong ginawa nyo pong test nung kinuha nyo yung first ic and kada renewal nyo?

    Im hapoy na malamab na mayroon nakakapagwork dyan na may lung scar.
  • @rksg123 - basta wag mo lang abusuhin baga mo then exercise reguarly.

    FYI - dito pala ako nagpapa medical - Raffles Medical, para kung sakali pwede ka din dyan magpamedical. madami naman silang branch Island wide kaya madali mong mahahanap
  • @Zell I've been exercising regularly. And i can say na physically healthy ako. Im kinda lean and fit. Having a lung scar teaches me a lot about health. Anyway. Im really thankful na nag comment ka dito.

    Btw, anong mga test ang ginawa sayo at gaanong ka tagal yung process bago ka mabigyan ng fit to wotk? 2 months lng validity ng ipa and kailangan kong matapos before mag expire.
  • @rksg123 , Me myself has been working here in SG for 10 years now, with scar on the lungs ever since childhood. So, lagi kong dala yung previous report pag need ng medical (for the past 3 renewals, hindi ako ni-require ng Xray). To answer the question, yes, pwedeng pwede ka mag work dito. Dalhin mo ung latest result sa xray (no need film, just the written recommendation ng doctor), the sputum exam will also give additional proof.
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    @RDG good to hear that. wow! im planning to bring my previous xray(2015) and my current one(2018). also I have a sputum test result na negative way back 2012. Latest sputum, June 2018 also show na negative ako sa AFB. Nag secure rin ako ng medical report from Pulmonologist, and nakalagay na fit to work ako.

    Tama ako HR ang kakausapin ko regarding this ano?
    edited June 2018
    @rksg123 , I would say not needed. It will just create more fear sa company. Eventually, the doctors will have the final word on your status. Im speaking on my experience. So, I did the medical. talked to the radiographer that I have a scar on my left lung. She asked when I got it and if I took medications. Then, provide the medical cert from the Pulmo. If they confirm that its just a scar, automatic clear. If they are doubting, then they might ask you to do a more specific position according kung saan ung scar mo. For me, they did an Apico-lordotic view. Then, confirmed its a scar. Medical passed. Started year 2008, and now still working stronger than ever. lol. Pray ka din kabayan bago magpa Xray. God bless!
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    @RDG Wow, thanks for letting me know. Diba eventually malalaman nila yung result kasi sa HR/company isesend ang result ng medical exam? Is there some sort of a form na kailangan kong fill-upan for medical exam? may nakita ako sa MOM site about it.

    About your Apico-lordotic view, Ini-Apicolordotic ka agad? diba normal x-ray muna then makikita yung scar, then isusugest yung apicolordotic x-ray. so bumalik ka ng hospital after ilan days? or isang araw mo lang ginawa yan?
  • @rksg123 ,Hindi nalaman ng HR, because the only thing they want is if you pass the medical or not. Yung form is part of the physical, so on the medical itself, dun ka mag fill up form. Atleast, thats what I did last time, dunno if nagbago na. Rule of thumb is, if they ask you if you have history of TB, you just say yes. and just put in the comments that you took medication and there will be a scar left on the lungs. Normal Xray muna, then if "suspicious" ung scar mo (kasi merong chance na bumalik at maging active), then i-apicolordotic ka or whatever type of position ang ipapagawa sayo. The clearance from the Pulmo is ur proof. It helps kung yung cert is dated within 3 months.
  • @RDG Understood. I'm so glad na nag comment ka dito, balak ko pa naman sabihin sa HR, iniisip ko kasi iguguide nila ako about sa process at baka mas may alam sila.

    I got my clearance from Pulmonologist last week, stating na fit to work at cured na yung TB. I've also got an x-ray reading from radiologist na nothing has changed doon sa scar based on my 2015 xray and to my current one.

    San ka po pla nag pamedical noon? at ngayon kapag nag rerenew ka?
  • Most of the clinics here will be MOM accredited. But for sure, merong recommended ung HR nyo na clinic, kasi either they give u voucher or reimburse ur medical fees. Then, mostly forwarded yan automatic sa HR. So if ever malaman ng HR nyo ung scar mo, its ok. Just stay calm, since wala ka naman dapat ikatakot. My back up ka nman ng med certs and xray comparison. Hindi ka naman mukhang my TB dba? hahaha. So, all is good bro.
  • @RDG Definitely di ako mukhang may TB. hahaha. I've been consistently working out.

  • haha, balitaan mo kami pag nag start kna mag work sa SG! Majulah!
  • I have scar in my lungs. I always present medical clearance from pulmonologist before xray para pag binasa nila alam na nila. Done for many times. Walang problema. My medical clearance is dated 2007 pa and yun ang pinapakita ko palagi.
  • @rksg123 makikibalita lng po. ok na po ang pass mo?
  • ganyan din kc problema ko kya lng ako employed na dito sa singapore lilipat lng ako ng company. pero meron nman ako clearance from TBCU. kaya lng kinakabahan pa rin ako sa result ng medical ko. kya gusto ko malaman kung ok ung naresult nung kay rksg123.
  • Hello po. Makikibalita po kung natanggap po kayo? @rksg123
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