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Need Advice on Returning to SG

Hello po sa lahat dito. I tried searching threads that might be relevant to my problem but wala akong nakita. So I'm not really sure if bawal to dito i-discuss. Paki-delete na lang po if ganun.

Dati po ako nag work sa SG ng apat na taon. Nagkaproblema kami ng asawa ko (nasa Pinas sya) last year at napa-uwi at resign ako ng di oras nung May. (I regret this now.) Ngayon gusto ko na bumalik sa SG at di na namin ma-fix ang problemang inuwian ko. Ang problema ko naman ngayon na gusto kong bumalik sa SG, meron akong utang sa bangko. Nahinto akong magbayad nung Oct 2016 although tumawag naman ako para magsabi na magbabayad ako ulit as soon as nasettle ko na mga bagay-bagay. Mejo malaki na ang amount kasi late fee plus interest charges pa.This month niterminate na nila ang card ko daw at due na ang buong amount although payag naman sila magbayad muna ako ng small portion then saka ako makipag-payment arrangement. Ito ang plano kong gawin, magbayad nung last minimum amt na napag-usapan namin nung bank agent. Ang takot ko lang ngayon may nababasa kasi ako na pag may utang ka dun, pde ka kasuhan or worse hulihin ka sa airport pa lang. Totoo bang may ganitong nangyayari?

I hope may makasagot sa tanong ko. Thanks.


  • @MrKilig salamat sa info. I did not declare bankruptcy kasi mababayaran ko naman basta payagan lang nila ako mag-payment arrangement sa kanila. Ang alam ko kasi pde din yung bank mismo ang magdeclare sayo ng bankrupt eh. Hindi ko alam pano ko malalaman if in the process na sila of doing that. I would assume na may due process yan if it happens. Meron naman silang contact numbers ko at physical address dito sa Pinas and I have not received any such notices, hindi nga sila tumawag para maningil in the previous months. Ako lang ang tumatawag, nagpaparamdam. Kaso yun lang, kinakabahan ako baka mamaya, kaya di sila tumatawag eh kasi nag-initiate na sila ng legal action. Tingin mo?
  • @MrKilig whew, breathed a sigh of relief. I mean yes I assume that already but it's just great to hear reassurance from someone else. Thanks man!

    Sabi jan pag nasa 10k utang mo, baka i-declare kang bankrupt. Pag bankrupt - "If you are ever offered a job, you won’t be able to take it".

    Siguro mas maganda nyan, kausapin mo muna ung bank mo then make your monthly payments active bago ka pumunta dito. Or better yet, settle all amount.

    Good luck kabayan.
  • Thanks @Kebs . Andito na ako actually at nakapagbayad na din ako ng partial amount. Now waiting for the payment arrangement form na lang. Mejo kabado lang din kasi almost 1 week na ko wala pang tumatawag na prospective employer. So di ko alam kung ano actually status ko. Balak kong tumawag ulit sa bank at tanungin ko if nag file ba sila ng anything against me. Pero wala naman nabanggit nung tumawag ako. Sabi lang cancelled ang card ko and that yes, that affects my credit rating.
  • @Admin , Bat kaya nawala ang comments ni @MrKilig ?
  • sumagot kasi si @MrKilig sa questions ko sa taas pero nawala yung mga sagot nya. Anyway, nevermind po, andito naman na ko SG. Thanks! @Admin
  • @JNash, pwede po malaman kung ano ung ginawa nyo para makabalik ng Sg n walang problema upon entering? same case po tayo and I have to wait for my passport to renew para makabalik. I've been coordinating with the bank officer na I will do a minimum payment which I did and upon getting a new job in Sg will continue the pyment wd new arrangement. Anong bank pla? Salamat
  • asus.. all of a sudden willing to pay pag may juicy job ulit sa SG. Next time kase wag nyo takbuhan mg obligation in the first place. Sana may penalty yan upon entering to discourage this act - daming "unfortunate circumstances" that just so frequently happens to foreigners when leaving SG thinking they'll never come back.
  • @Suddenly_Susan, hndi namin tinakbuhan nawalan ng work and just in time passport validity left 6 months pano ka makakahanap ng work? definitely need mo bumalik ng Pinas. Penalty kagad inisip mo alam mo naman na hndi permanent pass ang hawak ng mga karamihan ng nagwowork jan na pinoy.
  • excuse you po @jm2017, yung original poster nag resign habang may utang at sabi nyo same case kayo. that gets nothing but raised eyebrows from me.
  • @Suddenly_Susan kaya nga mahirap sa mga pinoy hndi marunong magtanong muna. Kaya ko sinabi na same case is about the debt na naiwan, hindi lahat ng same case as in the same sa situation ng buhay ng iba. Personal issue nya is sa husband, wala po ko nun. sana naman magisip muna bago mag comment. or mag comment ung may laman hndi ung idodown mo kagad ung tao.
  • People who manage debt correctly don't get afraid of re-entering the country.

    If it talks like a duck, walks like a duck, chances are it is a duck.
  • edited June 19
    Susan hit the nail right on the head. Bakit nagtatanong sa public anonymous forum kung in contact with the lender/bank, they should be able to let him know kung meron problema upon re entry.

    And speaking of "hirap sa mga pinoy" its people like this that drive up lending interest rates sa pinas and make good payers like is suffer.
  • first of all, for your info, this banker don't want to discuss things in email or in a black and white form since for them its not secure as what they told me. They will call or you will call them and will tell verbally that there shouldnt be any issue as long as the debtor is willing to settle which all we know that Sg is known for real proof or evidence and should have always black and white if there's an agreement. Now, is there something wrong to ask a person who experienced it just to have assurance? and to know that the words given by the banker is not a lie?
  • @Suddenly_Susan for your info, i have another c.card wd a credit limit of 17.5K sgd and I don't have unpaid debt on that card. Only this one bank who offer me a loan with low interest at a good installment terms and I used it for an investment last year, it just so happened that this year I was hit by layoff. Now, can you tell me if I don't manage my wealth properly? If other people have this credit limit, maybe they're tempted to just use it or do a huge amount of cash advance, but not me ok?!
  • @JuanDeLaCruz, if the Phil Embassy can process my passport renewal in one week, I could have stayed there and hunt for another job, and continue my life as an OFW and clearing my first and only loan I had for my 5yrs. stay in Sg. So now, I'm just asking the entry part If I come back coz I can't pay the whole amount that the bank is asking coz I only paying them lower than the minimum amount coz I need money too while I'm waiting for my passport renewal. I can't liquidate yet my investment but, I can burrow money and want to settle this personally to the bank in Sg.
  • lol kahit na 20 pa credit card mo with 1 million credit limit the fact na di mo mabayaran yung isa still means this is a red flag.
  • @jm2017 dka ba pwedi makiusap sa bank kung pwedi magbayad ka pag nka hanap kna work?
  • "if the Phil Embassy can process my passport renewal in one week, I could have stayed there and hunt for another job, and continue my life as an OFW"......hindi basta basta nag e-expire ang passport natin by surprise, you know in advance up to 5 years kung ano ang date ng expiry, so dont give me that bullsh*t na if only the embassy can process faster.... lol

    Pero I have to give it to you, your story is almost believable at pwedeng pang loko sa bank.
  • Also.... you say you manage your wealth properly? Getting into debt to pay off another debt IS NOT proper management!
  • guys kung meron man syang utang sa bank I think labas na tyo dun, wag tyo kaagad mag judge dahil hindi ntin alam kung ano pinagdadaanan nun tao..nagtatanong nman sya ng maayos sana sumagot nalang yung pwedi sumagot sa tanong nya, kung hindi nman tayo makakatulong sa tanong nya cguro mas maganda tahimik nalang po tyo..peace!
  • @popoy yes, I just want to know if the banker tell me on the phone is not a lie. sabi nila im still good and ok to enter Sg without any issues, gusto ko lng talaga ma confirm if totoo yan as they don't give you block and white. I don't have record daw since Im paying even if its in low the minimum payment kasi need ko din mag budget ng maayos until makabalik ako sa Sg. @JuanDeLaCruz, sino ba expected mawalan ng work? and my passport still have 7 months, Phil embassy will renew ur passport 6 months before expiry date? 1 month k nlng mag stay sa Sg and maritira sayo is 6 months validity nlng, pass should be renewed by May so ano solution mo mag stay s Sg? common sense at magisip isip ka din.
  • @popoy * told, black sorry for the typo.
  • @Suddenly_Susan just to show you the proof n black n white
    IMG_8461.PNG 96.3K
  • @jm2017 sir medyo mahirap lang ksi bka pag pasok mo SG sa IO palang maharang kna..

    meron ako kilala utang lang sa phone, nwalan sya work tas umuwi pinas pag balik SG sa IO palang na hold na sya hindi sya pinalabas hangat hindi binayaran yung utang nya.
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