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  • pandawong25
    Hi lucy i would like to ask if na refund mo na ung $500 mo kasi ako hnd pa pero na report ko na cla sa police ung aldine martino
    August 2017
    • icareer
      HI all,

      We have the screenshot of the conversation that she thanked us for the refund and we also the receipt of the refund. Everything has a proof. . Nag refund sa kanya , middle of the night.
  • icareer
    Hi Lucy, it seems unfair that you have been claiming about the refund of your friend who never got the refund back. From the very start, you have never mentioned the name of your friend.In the spirit of fairness, once and for all, you mentioned the name of your friend.I challenged you before but you did not respond to my challenge. sana sa katotohanan lang tau. sabi ko sabihin mo lang ang pangalan ng friend at agad agad binalik namin. Anybody can just claim na niloko sila, pls prove it. di namin pede bintang na lang lahat. Kung nababasa mo lahat dito, refunded lahat. sana sabihin mo ang pangalan ng friend mo para fair naman. God knows the truth.
    August 2017
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