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  • OFW Requirements for SG

    if you'll take the easy route, there should be no problems.
  • SG soon

    Kakakape ko lang! hahahhaa.
  • SG Expenses good for 1month

    Hahahaha! wala po akong issue sa mga kasama ko sa bahay. May issue po kayo sa mga kasama ko sa bahay? HAHAHHAHA @Bert_Logan
  • Best time to Apply Job in SG

    Hello! Just reiterating what people have been mentioning here in psg many times...

    1. Apply online before going here para may interviews na pagdating. 1 week is fine (if that is your plan..pero bitin sya girl. minsan yung 1 month nga bitin pa rin para maghanap) pero finest (hahaha) kapag sa buong 1 week na yun puro interview ang ganap mo.
    2. Walk in is not advisable, most probably they will tell you to apply online also or they will not entertain you at all
    3. Don't resign not until you got the pass (wala lang..nabanggit ko lang. hahaha)

    Yun lang. Goodluck sayo! :)

    I think walang acceptable reason para gumamit ng fake/forged documents. If incomplete yung tao, paano sya naka-graduate? I dunno sa ibang schools pero sa school namin, may clearance pa nga nakailngan para ma-prove na cleared ka.
  • Is this a common Filipino Rant?

    Hello! Here's my unsolicited advice...wherever you go, there will always be a b*llsh*t manager/teamlead/colleague etc. There will always be sh*tty companies with shi*tty benefits, etc. San man tayo mapunta, kahit na minsan akala natin maganda na, mararamdaman pa rin natin yung punto na hindi na natin gusto, kaya hahanap tayo ng bago. My point is, it's all up to you to make the most out of things. Always remember, why you started there in the first place. Kaya madalas mas maganda if pupunta tayo sa isang company na buo talaga loob natin. Para whatever happens, you face the consequences of your actions. Hindi dahil para magkaroon lang agad. always think for the long term.

    You're still young. You still have a lot of things na mapapagdaan. Mas marami pang mga sh*tty officemates/boss kang makakasalamuha. Ang punto tlaaga nitong mahaba kong comment ay....ilibre mo kami ng pizza. hahaha. Joke lang!

    Seriously, think about it. Think hard about it. and if you haven't yet....find your passion. If you're passionate with what you do, no matter how bad things are around you, you'll always be willing to continue things...kasi gusto mo.

    Happy new year! :smile:
  • Call center job

    apply ka po muna dito before going to sg. goodluck sa plans mo! :)
  • Tips for applying Permanent Resident (PR)

    May na-approve kaya recently na PR kahit wala pang isang taon sa sg?