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  • Finding a job in 2017. Is it harder?

    @qwaszx usually pag WP, provided na Accommodation mo. With that offer is quite fair. As long as they can give you Pass, just grab it, Too picky is unwise move. If I were you, i will take the chance before ending in regrets. Your choice!
  • Work Pass Application

    Just wait. Pwede mo ma check status lalo na kung mag kaibigan ka dito na may IC or iPM mo Passport no. At icheck ko
  • Looking for the Admins.

    @Jessy iisa lang ang Admin dito, but we can help you , anyway you can Direct message @Admin
  • Online job hunting

    kita-kita para sa isang posisyon vs mag-isa para sa isang posisyon. your choice!
  • Invitation Letter

    Advise in BOLD

    anung ko lang po, kasi next month pupunta po rito yung kapatid ko at girlfriend nung isa ko pang kapatid. Bale kukuha ako nang invitation letter para sa kanila. Salamat po!

    1. Pag po ba may invitation letter na kelangan pa po ba nila mag pa book nang hotel? or hindi na po? (PREFERABLE TO BOOK THEM IN HOTEL , OR STAY IN YOUR FLAT IF INVITATION ENDORSED BY PH EMBASSY)
    2. Paano po ba ang paggamit nila nang invitation letter? Sabay po ba sila sa isang officer? at sino ang dapat po may hawak? (YES, BOTH MUST GO INFRONT OF IO)
    3. Mas okay po ba na invitation letter nalang or Hotel booking? (OF COURSE INVITATION LETTER IS MORE PREFERABLE)

    Bale pag may invitation letter po ba di na nila need nang hotel booking, anu po ba mas safe? kasi nabasa ko na wala parin kasiguraduhan na makakalusot kahit may invitation letter? (ONCE YOU HAVE OFFICIAL INVITATION, SHOULD BE NO PROBLEM, EVEN NO HOTEL BOOKING, NAKASAAD KASI SA INVITATION NA IKAW ANG MAG SUPPORT SA KANILANG EXPENSES AT ACCOMODATION)
    - Original Passport
    - Work Pass
    - Pen (This will help speed up the process)
    - Money (42.50 SGD for 1 invitation Letter)
    - Details of the person to invite (Name, Age, Passport Number)
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    @reeaahh Hi, kapamilya , answers below:

    Meron ba dito nakakaalam ng any info re SG's social service field? Pwede ring info on social work hospital setting if meron. Registered social worker ako saten with over 10 years of experience. May ticket na ako for July __. Nagaapply na online. (just try to apply online)

    May nakakaalam ba sa inyo if yung Ministry of Family and Social Devt nila ay naghahire ng ibang lahi or Singaporeans lang? (not really, but Foreigners accepted to work in gov't statutory)

    Eto isang malupit na tanong kasi di ko tlga sure ang sagot. Mas safe ba sa IO kung backpack and small luggage lang ang bitbit kesa malaking luggage agad? (how they will know if you checked-in? no issue from there)

    Eto isa pa, tatanggapin kaya ng IO pag makahanap ako ng accom sa mga short-term na shared or small room with kapwa pinoy VS hotel accom? I don't know anyone in SG. So sa Facebook lang ako naghahanap ng accom. (Best if you can book hotel, esp. u are tourist)

    Maraming salamat!
  • Graduated with Flying Colors, Do I have a better chance to get hired in SG?

    I do have latin honor too, there maybe an edge but most are Experiences & Qualifications.
    What's your discipline?
  • JOB-Hunting Websites

    @cheskapot just your second day, it's okay.don't lose your hope. keep sending...
  • Approved Pass but no contract yet, and got new offer with other company

    @apple that means IPA pa lang yan. hintayin ma nalang na ma-approve yung spass mo saka ka mag resign.
  • Finding a job in 2017. Is it harder?

    @qwaszx yes there is. EP online. You just need IC/FIN. You can ask your friends who have and check for u