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  • SG soon

    of course not. it will happen eventually kung talagang gusto mo. para lang babae ang SG, pakipot kunware pero bibigyan ka rin pala ng matamis na oo nya pag nakuha mo yung kiliti.

    all the best
  • Returning to SG as tourist: mahold ka ba sa immigration dure to unpaid mobile bill 5 yrs ago

    Whatever. You're only doing it coz your going back to SG "on business". Don't tell me last 5 years di ka employed?

    Ikaw pa ngayun ang kawawa kase binabash ka?

    No you don't owe me an explanation nor do I owe you one for my views. So beware those that in the future intend to post for advice for these types of dilemmas. Makakarinig ka talaga sakin.
  • For job seekers, come in! register with us now!

    Hi Everyone,

    Here's a list of recruitment agencies in Singapore which don't require any fees whatsoever and registering your CV is completely free (their business model is charging the employer instead of the employee):

    [email protected]
    +65 6228 0200

    [email protected]
    +65 6533 2777

    +65 3163 0402
    Submit resume: www.roberthalf.com.sg/jobseekers/submit-resume

    +65 6223 4535
    [email protected]

    +65 6709 3388
    [email protected]

    +65 6511 8555

    ....and these are just from the top of my head!

    All the best to everyone!
  • I feel so lonely

    come here, hug kita
  • Need Advice sa mga Matatagal na SG

    Kwento ko lang mga citizens of:
    - All EU countries
    - Australia
    - Norway
    - South Korea
    - Switzerland
    - USA

    ...pwedeng 90 days tourist visa. So yung mga kababayan na gustong makipagsapalaran sa SG na may hawak ng dual citizenship, ang saya. Yung isa kong ka tropa yung missis nya nakakuha ng Aus passport tapos meron din Pinas passport, so nung nakakuha yung lalaki ng trabaho sa SG, nag decide na lang sila na sa SG na lang muna para magsama sila. So yung misis 6 months bago nakakuha ng trabaho sa SG, ginawa nya labas pasok 90 days Aus tapos 30 days pinas tapos 90 days Aus ulet na walang hanggan hehe astig!!
  • Feeling Left Out

    tagal ko na sa SG, mga 700K SGD na ang na save ko, pero yun nga single, pag may dates KKB palagi, simpleng buhay lang, balik ng pinas 4 times a year lang na walang pasalubong. Walang sinusupportahan.

    and most importantly, financially literate (like someone mentioned above)
  • Marami pa bang job opportunities sa Singapore?

    my advice sa mga newbies is to still come and give it a go.. (kase hirap din yung you never tried and it will haunt you for life wondering "what if"). Pero if after yung 1-3 months mo is up and wala pa rin, stop flogging a dead horse na and face reality that SG economy is projected for long term down turn, coupled with prioritizing locals, odds are just against our side.

    Unless you have a super niche, specialized, highly needed skill in SG, with loads of experience and you happen to have gone to a very prestigious global university (I think UP is the only university even featured on the global top 1000 and still it is only rank #800 something lol). Welcome to the global arena where competition is fierce. If you have these, ibang usapan yan and SG will make u rich beyond your wildest dreams.

    or you're a multi millionaire who's sick of your home country's taxes and wishes to setup residence in SG instead. SG will welcome you with open arms.
  • 39.30

    wag kang mag alala @goblinsbride abot ka pa rin sa puso ko
  • Trying my Luck -Banker

    pre how many more months u think u can last kung wla ka mahanap?

    pakasalaan mona yung babae mo kung local sya hehe
  • Gwapo Alert..

    asus mas gwapo pa ako dyan kung alam nyo lang..