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  • Na offload

    @jaiden.kulit walang issue yan, mas ok nga yan mas marami kang travel and bumabalik ka ng Pinas from different country. Huwag mo lng ipakita IPA mo sa Pinas and there will be no more question at all. Just show your IPA and tell the SG IO you will be processing the card issuance and your IPA still valid hanggang sa validity date nya. yung last step sa IPA ung hindi ka na pwede lumabas kasi kukunin na ung LTVSP mo sa MOM and the only choice you have is to wait.
  • Na offload

    @madi07 sometimes you need to face all the obstacles in order to grow and learn as much as possible in life. That experience is good enough for your sister and can be shared to other fellow countrymen who wants to have a brighter future here in Sg. Ung totoo na process and pinagawa sa sister mo and another process to clear the records from ICA here in Sg. Just continue the fight, ganyan talga minsan need dumaan sa pagsubok hehe. Hoping maayos na yan kagad and no other worries for your sis.
  • Need Advice on Returning to SG

    thanks for all the comments and inputs. It was a great day for me here in Sg that I was able to fully settle my obligation with the bank and started my first day of work. God bless us all!
  • SG soon

    @buBbles tama naman si @carpejem samahan mo ng dasal and faith. Ung nasabi ko is majority of the situation as to date and base sa experience ng mga friend natin dito na naipit din sa quota during those months. God will provide.
  • SG soon

    @buBbles from your story above, ang masasabi ko lng. sana hndi ka muna nag resign jan sa work mo sa Pinas. Why?
    1. You are aware of the risks in getting a job here in Sg. So if you failed, at least may babalikan ka sa Pinas.
    2. November ka pupunta which is wala masyadong hiring for the reason mag Dec. naghihintay ng AWS ung mga magreresign this year so next year sila mag reresign after makuha ung AWS (13th Month pay)
    3. In relation to no. 2 domino effect lng.. if walang mag reresign meaning walang quota which is 90% sure since Nov na, most of the company reached the yearly quota for FT's.
    Sana nag file ka nlng ng long leave sa work mo jan as your back up if wala ka makuha dito. First quarter next year marami na ulit quota for FTs'.
  • SG Expenses good for 1month

    @goblinsbride 50K - depende to sa accomodation mo. Dito sa Sg accommodation ung isa sa malaking expense mo. Let's say you want single common room no sharing - 600-750sgd depende sa location in peso lets do the math and take the median, in 1 month - 26,320K pesos advance pa lng yan and wala pa yung deposit so X2 = 52,640K na?, therefore kulang ung 50K, pero kung gusto mo na common room sharing 50K will be enough including deposit medyo tipid ka nga lng sa transpo cost mo and pagkain.

    So to sum it up, 80K will be enough and to play safe in case may emergency din dapat may extra pocket money ka pa na huhugutin. Ganun talaga, SG is the most expensive city to live in.

    @workluck pwede ka magdala ng laptop, wala naman sa batas na bawal magdala ng laptop if lalabas ng bansa. and it's your right to bring anything you want basta legal whenever you will be traveling to different countries.