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  • pwede basta hindi ka overweight.
  • @edwardss27 thats the only and good way to do.
  • @AhKuan below the minimum sir. salamat
  • @AhKuan below the minimum sir. salamat
  • @popoy tnx jan sa input mo regarding sa unpaid phone bill. ung sa akin naman is bank lng and wla naman problem about sa bank kasi wla pa daw sila ginagawang any legal proceedings and they waiting for me to come back and arrange a settlement once mag…
  • @Suddenly_Susan just to show you the proof n black n white
  • @popoy * told, black sorry for the typo.
  • @popoy yes, I just want to know if the banker tell me on the phone is not a lie. sabi nila im still good and ok to enter Sg without any issues, gusto ko lng talaga ma confirm if totoo yan as they don't give you block and white. I don't have record d…
  • @JuanDeLaCruz, if the Phil Embassy can process my passport renewal in one week, I could have stayed there and hunt for another job, and continue my life as an OFW and clearing my first and only loan I had for my 5yrs. stay in Sg. So now, I'm just as…
  • @Suddenly_Susan for your info, i have another c.card wd a credit limit of 17.5K sgd and I don't have unpaid debt on that card. Only this one bank who offer me a loan with low interest at a good installment terms and I used it for an investment last …
  • first of all, for your info, this banker don't want to discuss things in email or in a black and white form since for them its not secure as what they told me. They will call or you will call them and will tell verbally that there shouldnt be any is…
  • 30 days from the EC ang masusunod at hndi ung sinulat ng IO. In the event kasi na may question si IO, pwede nila baguhin ung 30days na itatak nila to a couple of days lng. So kahit sulatan ng date of your return ung EC ok lng, ung 30days stamp pa di…
  • @Suddenly_Susan kaya nga mahirap sa mga pinoy hndi marunong magtanong muna. Kaya ko sinabi na same case is about the debt na naiwan, hindi lahat ng same case as in the same sa situation ng buhay ng iba. Personal issue nya is sa husband, wala po ko …
  • @Suddenly_Susan, hndi namin tinakbuhan nawalan ng work and just in time passport validity left 6 months pano ka makakahanap ng work? definitely need mo bumalik ng Pinas. Penalty kagad inisip mo alam mo naman na hndi permanent pass ang hawak ng mga k…
  • @JNash, pwede po malaman kung ano ung ginawa nyo para makabalik ng Sg n walang problema upon entering? same case po tayo and I have to wait for my passport to renew para makabalik. I've been coordinating with the bank officer na I will do a minimum …