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  • Success Story of a first timer - The Calculated Risk

    @ronaldsb - How old are your 2 kids? Also yung wife mo may job ba sa Pinas?

    Ito ang mga dapat mong i-consider for first timer na magwowork dito sa SG:

    1. Prepare yourself mentally - mahirap malayo sa Pamilya, so dapat mentally equipped ka.
    2. Look for a comfortable place to stay and check mo if pwedeng magbakason family mo if in case you are getting a room.
    3. Double check your contract if what is the notice period if you will resign? How many months is probationary period? Can you resign even probationary? (Wala naman bang bond that you need to pay)? The reason for this is at least you know at the back of your mind you can go back to Philippines anytime if you really feel "Home Sick".
    4. Create a long and short term plan, pag-usapan ninyong mag-asawa (if lets say the transition of moving your family to SG, then your wife maghahanap ng work dito once stable ka na sa work and so on...) having a clear goal or vision makes it easier rather than na "Bahala Na".
    5. Make sure you have internet in your place in SG as well as in Manila para makapag usap kayo palagi ng family mo.. it lessens the "home sick" part.
  • SG Expenses good for 1month

    @jarvz - I dont base it lang kasi sa salary.

    Ito mga scenarios:

    #1 - SHARED ROOM ($350)
    - What is the possibility na hindi ka maiistorbo ng roommate mo?
    - What if your roommate works in shift, ex. uuwi ng 2am, natural magbubukas ng ilaw yun sa room.
    - For sure no privacy
    - Ilan kayo sa room 2? 3? 4? The more the merrier :smiley:
    - Are you a tidy person?
    - Mabango naman ba yung roommate mo?
    - Do you have valuable items to keep?
    - What if sa room kumakain yung roommate mo?
    - What are the house rules set to avoid issues?
    - Straight, BI, etc.. ba yun roommate mo?

    #2 - SOLO ROOM ($700)
    - 100% walang istorbo
    - 100% privacy
    - If takot ka sa multo then yun lang :smiley:

    Note: The context is only about Shared/Solo Rooms, hindi naka-factor yung usage ng common areas and toilets.

    But to answer the question is it worth to get solo room sa $3,500 na salary? I think Yes!

    House - 700
    Food - 350
    Transportation - 200
    Others - 500 (entertainment, etc...)
    Total - 1750

    Salary - Expenses
    3500 - 1750 = 1750 (Savings)
  • Undergrad that wants to work in SG

    @Kebs mabilis lang maubos ang pera, you have to invest while you have opportunity working in SG. Invest to something that will generate income. It doesn't matter the amount of salary, dahil even if you have high salary if you spend it wrongly hindi mo namamalayan lumilipas ang panahon babalik ka na pala ng Pinas wala ka pang investment.

    Sabi nga nila walang naging mayaman na empleyado

    @miaracca - better google mo yung company.. check mo yung reputation also if may mga negative comments about it...

    Sa akin kasi I background check yung company once they ask for interview (no interview I won't bother to check)... Para alam ko if reputable ba at hindi kuripot.. I don't waste my time working for companies na hindi kayang afford yung value ko.

    Maraming options, know your worth para makapag nego ka.