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  • Sino may balak mag SG usap tau

    Ito sabi sa Singapore Airlines na website:

    If you’re entering Singapore with more than SGD20,000 or its foreign currency equivalent in cash, you must submit a completed NP727 form to:

    the Customs Red Channel on your arrival at Singapore’s Changi Airport, or
    the immigration counter on your departure from Singapore.

    Collect the NP727 form at any major checkpoint, Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC) or, Neighbourhood Police Post (NPP). Alternatively, you can download it from the websites of the Commercial Affairs Department.

    Luma na din itong news pero I think applicable pa rin:

    So In or Out Singapore if SGD 20,000 must declare or its foreign currency equivalent.

    @miaracca - mabuti naman kung ganun. all the best.
  • Sino may balak mag SG usap tau

    @Egoroot - I cannot give you any guarantee... We must do within the perimeter na meron tayong control. Iba-iba kasi ang situation natin...

    I would suggest if nasa PH ka na you plan and execute.

    To Do:

    1. Check in jobstreet, linkedin, monster all the job openings in your field. Tingnan mo if kung for PR or Singaporean only.. If hindi nakalagay yun it means open for Foreigners. You just need to know if the work is madali ba or mahirap... usually local don't want to do those work na mahihirap (ex. construction, f&b, etc...), but if works like office admin (yan gusto nila yan.. ofcourse sila ang priority ng government to get that job).

    2. Create a strategy and timeline for execution:
    - Prepare your CV (apply ka na online mga 1-2 weeks before going to SG).
    - Ready your budget (saan ka titira and how much money you need to survive in 60days, food and transpo, etc...)
    - Plan your exit strategy in case more than 30 still no work.
    - Set your mind gaano katagal mo bibigyan sarili mo makahanap ng work dito sa SG.
    - Dapat sa tutuluyan mo may internet at laptop ka. If wala meron naman narerentahan na mga inet-cafe.

    3. Create a strategy also on how you plan to apply to work (very important)
    - Submit via online.
    - Open/Upload CV in Jobsites (LinkedIn, monster, jobstreet)
    - Direct application thru the website of possible employer
    - Walk-in (this is last option dahil kakain ng oras ito pero depende sa type of work mo, if lets say F&B then this is priority).

    And most importantly Pray and ask guidance and stick to your plan/strategy :)
  • Housing Loans for Condo

    @RDG - yes ok din yun sa students sure na mauupahan dahil sobra traffic lalo na ang aga ng pasok sa school. kaya mas prefer nalang ng student na magrent.

    Kaso nga lang i-realize na mas ok if ikaw bumili ng lupa tapos patayuan mo ng apartment for rent, long term talga na investment... the reason is mamanahin pa ng anak mo at apo mo (hehehe)... so condo kasi 50 years kumita ka na talaga pero not sure if tatagal ba yan nga 100 years para mapakinabangan ng anak mo at apo. (nakakita na kc ako ng HDB dito sa SG sa toa payoh na mga 30+ years na hehehe bulok na tlga...)

    but yes condominium investment is really good.. mahirap nga lang iliquidate if nakabili ka ng maling property...
  • Housing Loans for Condo

    @RDG - I take loan sa UCPB, BDO and PSBank... I need to check the exact interest di ko na tanda as thats 8-10 years ago na...

    I'm comfortable at 15 years term loan sa banks.

    I inquired before sa pag-ibig and compared it to different banks (in 15 year term) and mas mababa ang banks. Probably mas mababa ang pag-ibig if its less than 3 years.

    Naka-reserve yung pag-ibig ko if in case I wanted to loan it for 30 years.