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  • Enjoying SG benefits... How?

    @buBbles mas kinikilig pako sa sales commissions tuwing sahod kesa sa base pay. ang base pay ko kasi nakabudget na sa monthly expenses, padala, ipon at investments.

  • ano po ang mga ok na job agencies sa SG?

    @mj17 kabayan lahat ng agencies na maencounter mo applyan mo. the more the many-er :)

    Since naghahanap ka, eto libo-libo:

    Lahat yan legit kasi licensed.

    good luck! kapag hiningan ka agad ng pera, kutusan mo and walk away.
  • Can anyone please refer me?

    @anbeeh Hello kabayan! Pasa lang po ng pasa ng resume online. That's the best way kung wala kang makuhang referral. Agency is your last option.

    Need mo dito bumili ng simcard mismo kasi required ang passport kapag bibili. Or kung meron kang relative or friend, dito pabili ka under their name tapos ikaw gagamit (via WhatsApp/Viber or other internet-based messaging service ka magiging contactable kung hindi sayo mabibigay simcard). Kung wala ka ditong relative/friend at hindi ka pupunta dito, there is no way to have an SG number.

    I would suggest to plan your visit here. Mas malaking chance kapag dito ka mismo nagaaply. Kung ako ang employer, aside sa skills, qualifications & experiences, mas priority ko yung mga andito sa SG (availability for interviews etc.). Baka makachamba ka ng immediate hiring na pasok sa skills & experience mo.
  • S-Pass approved

    @AngeLCeline11 yes po mavovoid yan. For example nagpositive ka sa HIV.

    Congrats kabayan! Ok na yang medical mo dasal lang.
  • Anyone familiar with One HR Pte. Ltd.?

    @Teddy to answer your question, yes legit yan. Antanong, imamarket ba talaga nila resume mo? O another case of pagnakuha na gusto sayo, cold treatment kana :#

    byebye 550