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Hi to all Pinoys out there in Singapore! We are bringing up a new online community where our aim is to help each other and to integrate / blend well with other people around us here in our 2nd Home. Hope you can join us and make us your new tambayan place! An attempt to bring back . For issues on the site please send your concern to [email protected] . Please don't forget to check your spam folder when checking for the confirmation email.

Other Topics

Could be non Singapore related topics! Share anything you do here in Singapore
  • Remittance

    Sending money back home / Exchange rate corner.
  • Hobbies or Interests

    What are you hobbies or interests here in Singapore.
  • Family Matters

    Raising up your kids or family in Singapore. Anything to do with family related matters.
  • Health

    This section is for all health matters, from hospital, check ups, insurance, etc
  • Bagong Balita

    News update, breaking news, balita sa pinas, balita sa sg.
  • Loose talks

    Anything goes, kulitan, kwentong barbero, atin atin.
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