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Any thoughts about Global International Recruitment Agency in Geylang?

Hi, any feedback regarding Global International Recruitment Agency? Thanks po sa sasagot.


  • Hi chocofudge Global actually is a good agency. 2 months ago nahanap nila ng work ung friend ko :) in a nice and reputable company.you can try i know medjo malake ung placement fee but then its instalment for 3 months. then pede mu naman sila pakiusapan. but the best parin and direct :) goodluck! :smile:
  • nasa bangkok kasi ako now and nag-email sila. dapat daw puntahan ng personal or ask someone na puntahan in my behalf. understandable naman yung placement fee. pero meron kaya sila na registration fee and key-in fee?
  • Hi, i just received a call from global recruitment. Tanong ko lang po if may nakaka alam. If holding ltvp+. No need na ng pass po dba? LOC lang. Dapat pa ba ko magbayad ng key in?
  • ung LOC alam ko for Dependent pass, hindi for LTVP. magkaiba po cla.
  • magkano sinisingil sayo @Lablab sa key in? 30sgd?
  • May 2 klase po kasi ng ltvp. Ltvp and ltvp+. Yung ltvp po hindi pwede magwork. Yung may plus pwede po magwork basta may letter of consent from MOM. May work po ako ngayon tapos Loc lang pnrocess ng employer ko. Mas matagal din kasi validity ng ltvp +( 3 years yung sakin)
  • @Vincent17 wala po po. Bukas palang ako pinapa punta for interview.
  • @Lablab ang alam ko hindi pwedi magwork ang LTVP, tama si @Admin dependant lang binibigyan LOC.
    correct me if im wrong..
  • Pwede po basta ltvp plus. No levy, no quota.
    Ang difference po
    Ltvp kapag spouse ay epass
    Ltvp plus kapag local ang spouse
  • @Lablab wala naman talaga bayad ang key-in, kadalasan naman employer ang nagbabayad nun, hindi ung applicant.
  • https://www.ica.gov.sg/news_details.aspx?nid=12665

    Eto po link baka sakaling makatulong sa mga ltvp plus holders
  • Permission to post

    Ganito po yung LOC approval from MOM for ltvp +
  • edited December 2016
    Tama po sabi ni @Lablab. Pwede po empl0yment sa LTVP+.

    1. From 1 April 2012, the Government will introduce a new scheme to help Singaporean families with foreign spouses. This new scheme, known as the Long-Term Visit Pass-Plus (or LTVP+), will provide foreign spouses of Singapore citizens who qualify, with greater certainty of stay here by granting the holder a longer period of residency. LTVP+ holders will also be eligible for healthcare and employment benefits.

    2. Couples who have at least one Singaporean child from their marriage will be eligible to apply for the LTVP+. For those without a Singapore Citizen child, ICA will look at other factors such as the duration of marriage, and will in general consider more favourably those who have been married for at least three years.

    3. LTVP+ holders will be eligible for a longer period of residency in Singapore. The LTVP+ will be for a duration of three years in the first instance and will be for up to five years for each subsequent renewal. LTVP+ holders will enjoy healthcare subsidies for inpatient services at restructured hospitals, which will currently be set at a level close to that for Permanent Residents. In addition, we will make it easier for LTVP+ holders to seek work here. Their prospective employer will apply to the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for a Letter of Consent (LOC), instead of an Employment/S Pass or Work Permit, for them. LTVP+ holders who are issued with LOCs will not be counted against the foreign worker quota of their employers. Their employers are also not required to pay foreign workers’ levy for them.

    4. The new LTVP+ scheme seeks to provide more assistance to Singapore families with foreign spouses. The number of marriages between Singapore citizens and foreigners has been on an increasing trend. In 2010, among the 20,273 marriages involving at least one Singapore citizen, 30 per cent were between a Singapore citizen and a foreigner (excluding Permanent Residents). This is an increase from 23 per cent in 2000.

    5. Foreign spouses can continue to apply for Singapore Citizenship or Permanent Residence (PR) status. They will be granted SC or PR if they meet the respective criteria. Those who are not yet eligible for SC or PR can apply for LTVP. With effect from 1 April 2012, they can also apply for an LTVP+ status which comes with more benefits.

    6. For more information on the LTVP+ scheme, please visit the ICA website at www.ica.gov.sg. You can also email ICA at: [email protected]
  • Dapat ba relative or immediate family yung sponsor for LTVP (89 days) confusing kasing yung sa ICA website isang page nag sabi na only SC and PR ang sponsor pero not mentioned if dapat relative or family pero sa isang page naman dapat relative or immediate family ties. May Singaporean friend kasi ako willing mag sponsor for LTVP sakin. @AhKuan
  • Ang ltvp po ay para sa spouse, children, and or parents ata
  • @Lablab ask ko lang po if you don't mind, dba local po spouse nyo?
    how come LTVP po inapply syo hindi PR or Citizen?
  • @reyven , naisip kasi namin noon na sobrang hirap ng approval ng PR kahit spouse ng local, so to be safe at make sure na mas makaka stay ako ng matagal nag ltvp muna. Good thing nadin kasi LTVP+ yung inapprove. 3 years ako pwede stay. Nag apply din kami PR 1 year after ng kasal, pero rejected, isa yun sa advantages, kasi kahit rejected yung PR application. naka LTVP naman ako for 3 years, then if renew ko siya 5 years na.
  • @reyven , payo din yun nung solemnizer samin. Don't depend daw masyado sa PR kasi mahirap iapply. LTVP
    2 weeks lang approve agad yung samin. atleast habang nag apply ng PR legally pwede magstay longer hindi na pabalik balik sa pinas
  • You have not previously sought/ obtained an extension of stay on this trip
    You wish to extend your stay for not more than 89 days from the date of entry into Singapore
    Your Visit Pass has a remaining validity of at least 3 working days, excluding weekends and public holiday
    You will not return to Singapore within 5 days from the departure date of your current trip
    You will require a local sponsor* if you are seeking an extension of short term Visit Pass to 89 days from the date of entry or if you are a National of the countries tabled below:-

    *The local sponsor must be either a Singapore Citizen (SC) or a Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR) who is at least 21 years old with a SingPass account. For those without a SingPass account, please apply for one via www.singpass.gov.sg.
  • okay I understand @Lablab

    pwedi pa pong magtanong?hehe..
    pano nyo po mkukuha mga benefits ng isang local kung LTVP hawak nyo?
    at pano po pag ngka-anak kyo ano nationality nila?
  • @geeco_yoga tingin ko for extension ng SVP yan
  • @reyven hindi lahat ng benefits po. pero meron din. halos parehas lang sa PR. May subsidy din sa hospitalization, saka employment benefits. Medyo mas madali hanap work kasi
    -no levy
    - no quota

    no cpf din hehe. yun lang ata pinagkaiba.. yung cpf.

    sa anak naman automatic local yung baby namin. I just gave birth 8 months ago. singaporean siya
  • edited December 2016
    @geeco_yoga, eto po mga requirements to apply for LTVP:

    Visitor Whose Spouse Is A Singapore Citizen (SC)
    Visitor Whose Spouse Is A Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR)
    Visitor (below 21 years old) Whose Parent Is A Singapore Citizen (SC) or Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR)
    Visitor Whose Child (above the age of 21 years old) is a Singapore Citizen (SC) or Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR)
    Visitors who are Students of Institute of Higher Learning Seeking Employment in Singapore
    Female Visitor Whose Child/Grandchild Is Studying in Singapore On A Student's Pass
    Visitor Seeking Permission To Deliver A Child In Singapore

    Mukhang na confuse ka talaga kasi yung sinasabi mong 89 days ay inde po yung LTVP kungdi yan yung short term visit pass. Kailangan mo ng relative to sponsor yung extension. Ang iba nakakalusot kahit inde relatives pero madalang lang.
  • @Lablab, nag work ka na po ba dito dati before ka mabigyan ng LTVP+?
  • @AhKuan
    Hindi po.
    Hindi din naman sila magbbase kung nagwork ka dito before o hindi. As long as spouse mo ay local may chance na bigyan ka ng ltvp
  • @Lablab salamat po sa info..

    cgurado pag-aagawan ka po mga company dito ksi wala sila babayaran levy at d kelangan quota.
  • @Lablab, Ah ok. Akala ko po kasi pareho case nyo nung kakilala ko. Na reject din kasi PR application nya.
  • Kapag po DP ang iniapply pwede ba khit spass lng ang sponsor mo? Paano kung di aabot ng 3k ang basic salary.?
  • @AhKuan ah! oo nga na kita ko na difference. May friend kasi ako willing to sponsor me sa 89 days short visit pass pero sa ICA website if 89 days short term visit pass lang ay need ng local or PR sponsor pero hindi indicated na it must be a relative or family ties so try pa rin namin. Thank you po
  • @luckygurl atleast 5k ang sahod.. mataas na ngayon.. dati 2.5K lang year 2008
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