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Panu po pag na expire na work permit

Hi po panu po kung malapit na ma expire yung work permit ko tapos po gusto ko po pa magexend para makahanap ng work pwede po ba yun?


  • di ata, for non malaysians, kailangan within 1 week from work permit expiry/cancellation eh makalabas ka na ng Sg, may regulation na yung mismo employer dapat i assure na may ticket ka na palabas.
  • @akosieunice pwede naman Renew? once cancelled you must leave as per notice.
  • @akosieunice Usually your company receives a letter from MoM informing them na malapit na mag expire ang pass mo. Then sila na ang mag decide whether to renew you or not. Pero once na cancel na ang pass mo, your company will give you the white card, this will allow you to stay here for 30 days.
  • Vincent17 WP or SP or any passes, standard na 30 days. Pero nasa employer yan pan nag declare sila like effectively immediately or ilang weeks lang. Sa company namin I oversee all these renewal and cancellation ng pass for both our employees and students.
  • @mayumi_matatag for WP 1 week lang

    Before cancelling
    You need to:
    Buy a travel ticket for the worker to go home. For non-Malaysians, ensure that the scheduled departure date is within 1 week after employment ends.
    Settle all outstanding employment issues, such as paying of wages.
    Seek tax clearance from the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) at least one month before the worker leaves the job.

    After cancelling
    When the Work Permit is cancelled, the worker cannot work, even while waiting to leave Singapore.
    Levy will be charged until one day before cancellation.
  • Kapag inde nag request ang employer ng Extension, by default, 7 days lang ibibigay ng ICA. Kapag nag request naman ng extension, hanggang 30 days pwede.

    When to cancel

    You should cancel the worker’s Work Permit only after the last day of work, but within 1 week after the employment ends or when the Work Permit expires.


    If the worker’s last day of work is 1 August, you should cancel the Work Permit on 2 August so that levy will only be charged until 1 August.

    You must make arrangements for the worker to leave Singapore by 9 August.
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