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Best time to Apply Job in SG

Hi everyone!

When is the best time to visit and to apply for a job in SG? I will be going there 3rd week of May as tourist and will apply for job if it is possible. Will only be staying there for a week only. I will just check if may opportunities ba for me, I am planning to apply walk in jobs. Kasi If may chance, I will comeback and stay longer. Hope you can give me your inputs.

Thank you in advance :)


  • Anytime except holiday seasons and year end? 1week is too short para ma-gauge mo if may opportunity ka. Walk in is hindi uso dito. Online application lang. Kung 1 week ka lang, better enjoy your vacation na lang. And apply online sa Pinas. Pag may naset kang interview, edi saka ka flylalu hr.
  • edited March 2018
    Hello! Just reiterating what people have been mentioning here in psg many times...

    1. Apply online before going here para may interviews na pagdating. 1 week is fine (if that is your plan..pero bitin sya girl. minsan yung 1 month nga bitin pa rin para maghanap) pero finest (hahaha) kapag sa buong 1 week na yun puro interview ang ganap mo.
    2. Walk in is not advisable, most probably they will tell you to apply online also or they will not entertain you at all
    3. Don't resign not until you got the pass (wala lang..nabanggit ko lang. hahaha)

    Yun lang. Goodluck sayo! :)
  • The best time to apply is when you're ready and at your best. Wala sa season, nasa sa iyo. A good candidate is employable any time of the year.
  • @emily anytime, determined by few factors like requirement, availability and case.
  • @emily gaya ng sabi nila anytime as long you have the experience that the company are looking for. Saka depende kung paano mo sila ma convince na hire ka...nasa syo lahat yan....kung pupunta ka dto ala ka naman exposure sa inaapplyan mo alam mo na mangyayare...good luck nalang sa pag aapply..

    Buti pa kayo gustong gusto nyo mag punta dto SG at mag work .....ako na uuta na at gusto ko na bumalik pinas.....sigh
  • @maya actually im already sending my cv online but no response at all.... :/ but continue ko lng sya since may pa nmn travel ko. Hopefully by that time meron ng invitation for interviews.
  • @goblinsbride hi there thanks for the tips. Yun plano ko tlaga di mgresign kasi wala nmn assurance. Besides I can't stay longer kasi i dont have friends or relatives in SG :(
  • @Bert_Logan how's banking jobs in SG po? If may chance, I wanna work in a banking related jobs. Actually, ok nmn na ako sa present job ko but parang na bored narin ako and I want to explore other oppurtunities for me.
  • @emily After CNY, it worked for me and few of the people I know.

    Consider mo din pumunta dito during a month na walang holidays.

    GL & GBU!!!
  • @emily After CNY is one of the best time, though tama din naman na anytime of the year eh pwede ka ma hire if it's really for you. Chances lang are higher after CNY kasi normally pag CNY matagal ang closure ng companies most especially the local ones. But of course, ako naniniwala pa rin na if it's really meant for you eh it will happen. I can attest to that. Madami ako napagdaanan before landing a job that I really wanted. Keep the faith and keep praying :) God bless and good luck sayo.
  • Any time will do. Pero mas marami ang after CNY (atleast 1 month after) dahil marami nagreresign after taking red packets ""daw"" haha..
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