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Anyone familiar with One HR Pte. Ltd.?

They called me this morning para mag offer na imamarket CV ko.

Initial payment is: 50$ for registration daw
Upon interview: 500 (same policy with GRC Agency).

Legit ba 'to?


  • Wag mo na ituloy. Pag hiningan ka bayad nang wala pa naman confirmed na work, magduda kna.
  • come on @Teddy be smart, $500 for just an interview, ni walang assurance ng trabaho yan, they can just pay someone to pretend na employer to interview you, instant $500 na sa kanila. Easy money di ba?
    Walang bayad ang interview, kapag ang agency naningil ng bayad for just an interview opportunity, WALK AWAY.

    Magbabayad sa agency kapag may na hire na at approve ang work pass/visa, otherwise just walk away.
  • @Teddy isipin mo nalang ung kantang.. :)

    Ako ay May Lobo..
  • Wag mo n po ituloy basahin nio n lng po mga na scam dito na applicants andame n po. Ingat2 po
  • @Teddy No Deal! No Deal! Noodle!
  • edited April 2018
    @Teddy to answer your question, yes legit yan. Antanong, imamarket ba talaga nila resume mo? O another case of pagnakuha na gusto sayo, cold treatment kana :#

    byebye 550
  • @Teddy Don't fall into that kind of trap. Madami sila naloloko kc alam nila most are desperate to land a job here in SG most especially yung mga wala pa rin interviews or those na pa expire na SVP. Anyway, I have a friend na nag agency din. She paid prang 60 for registration/interview but after nun wala na any fee na hiningi sa kanya. When she got hired sa sahod na deduct yung payment nya sa agency. Unti unti prang 3 mos nya un ata binayaran. Better yan I guess. Although better pa rin ung direct hire pra wala babayaran, hehe! Good luck and God bless :)
  • Don't try to give advance payment, if you you could have Approved Pass then you can pay.. or regret in the end you will sing "It must have been Job but its over now"
  • 50$ initial 500$ interview mag kano pag process ng pass 5000$ lol, ingat ka sa mga ganyan lalo na pag may pinoy kasi kapwa pinoy din mag lalaglag sayo dito
  • Bro mag ingat karin dito sa GRC. sinubukan nila akong gatasan.
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