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Please message me if anyone is trying to harass you or hard selling something to you... either from discussion or private message. I received reports that some Scam Agency dare to threaten members via PM. Surely these scammers are desperate.
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GHC: Career Talk

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Shawn Seet from Genesis Health Consulting. We're a newly formed not-for-profit orgaisation focused on matching Singapore business opportunities with the different countries in Southeast Asia. I'm very excited to meet the members of this website. I think Philippines has gone through some tremendous upgrades in it's economy over the last couple of years. While the progress is on-going, that shows the country, and most importantly the people are still growing and there is a tremendous opportunity to grasp today.

Please take note, this isn't a specfic job posting and we cannot offer employment passes for professionals to work in Singapore.

This is an event focused on education, networking and creating opportunities. This is relevant if you are:
- A full time employee
- A self-employed professional
- A business owner
- A home-maker

If you’re any of the above, you probably facing the same lifestyle everyday!

Do you find yourself:

- Spending hours at work
- Battling traffic
- Neglecting your health
- Compromising family time

In order to earn a living?

Learn how to make a switch by managing a business to grow extra income alongside your daily job. This workshop will also guide you on transitioning from being tied down to a singular income towards having passive streams of income to achieve your goals in life.

Here's the registration link below, and free seats are limited! We will only release extra dates once the first two dates are fully subscribed.

7pm, Thursday, 17th May 2018: Register for 17th May
3pm, Sunday, 20th May 2018: Register for 20th May


  • Thanks for the good response so far! For everyone else, do let me know if you have questions and I will answer them here on the public space :)
  • Smells like another MLM. You guys just never give up do you

    "Learn how to make a switch by managing a business to grow extra income alongside your daily job. This workshop will also guide you on transitioning from being tied down to a singular income towards having passive streams of income to achieve your goals in life."

  • Hi Juan,

    Thanks for your reply.

    As defined by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore:

    What is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and Pyramid Selling?

    A Multi-Level Marketing or Pyramid Selling scheme will typically require participants to pay an upfront charge. In return, the participants are promised financial rewards for each additional participant recruited, as well as all new participants who are in turn brought in by their recruits - hence the pyramid-like structure.

    This structure is strictly regulated and often used in an unethical manner. With many reports of cheating scams, I can understand your apprehension.

    Passive sources of income can come from sources like investments in equity and bonds. The whole idea of the workshop is to bridge the gap of an idea that one stream of income is enough for retirement.

    Thanks for giving me the chance to clarify! Would love to hear more from you or to see you at the workshop.
  • What EXACTLY are you trying to sell. Get to the point.

    Cut through the wishy washy material. And what exactly are you selling and how much is it going to cost.
  • Not selling anything? This is an educational workshop.
  • Who are you funded by?

    You're not going to sell the idea of living financially free and then towards the end, "recommend" to join some MLM company. C'mon my friend..
  • What is Genesis Health Consulting. Where is your company/entity registered? Why is there nothing on the internet about you.
  • Who pays your wage? (unless you are going to claim that you are a volunteer worker and you are doing this out of the goodness of your own heart)

    Where is your incentive, where is your commission model?
  • To All: These are the sorts of questions you need you be asking ANYONE trying to invite you to a so called "Financial Freedom" seminar.

    Everyone has an incentive. Everyone is paid one way or another. Even if it is a government funded initiative, it is paid by tax payers, in which case you would see it as a government sponsored event. Otherwise, there is always something in it for the person selling it to you.
  • ....But this is event no way connected to any government initiative. Someone is making money somewhere, and you will be used as a cog in their system, masked and lured in by the idea of Financial Freedom.

    **You have been warned**
  • Cool insights Juan. On an open forum, you have every right to state your points. From what I gather, you're very well informed and experienced. I shall continue to serve those who seek help and are open to learning. Congrats, wishing you the best in life. Thanks for sharing and god bless.
  • Funny how the fundamental questions being asked are being dodged....

    So I'm going to ask again..

    - Where is your company/entity registered? Please can we have either the registration number for SG or PH?
    - Who pays your wage/ what is your compensation/commission model? Where is the money flowing?
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    cool insights lang naisagot LOL
  • lupit mo LODI haha, walang palag yung blue coat niya sayo :D
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