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Job Application

Hi! :blush:

Tanong lang po sana regarding the process of landing a job there in SG. I've been applying online using my cousin's contact details whos already working there but so far thats it. I don't have a clue what comes after in case I got an interview. Most jobs are thru agencies posted at Jobstreet. Plan on resigning by the end of the month and fly there.

Any tips on the DOs and DONTs? For example about the passes, or perhaps the entire process if you got time to spare?

I really appreciate it.
Thank goodness for this site.
Cheers and good luck to us!


  • What's your discipline?
  • @carpejem Mechanical Engr po. Facilities Management
  • @Yoroshii wag ka muna mag resign, try mo muna mag pasa ng online applications.. from them you will see your competitiveness and responses.
  • @carpejem, Salamat po ^^ Yun nga po yung ginagawa ko for the meantime. If ever po na palarin at kailanganing pumunta na ng SG kahit para sa interview lang, magreresign na rin po ako. Mahirap po kasi makapagleave , kaso mukhang sa IO naman po sasabit kapag first time at unemployed..
  • @Yoroshii mas maganda kung may ID ka pa at greenlight yan sa IO.
  • Hi @Yoroshii . We are both engineering field, so been here for 10 yrs. So, tama si carpe, hold on to your job and take a 1 month leave. Say, its a family vacation. From then, madali ka makakalagpas sa IO ng Pinas. Take note of return ticket (4 days return, pra hnd kahina hinala, buy the cheapest return ticket since pamigay na yun) as well as hotel accomodation. You can book agoda na free cancellation. Atleast meron ka ipapakita sa IO. They dont check validity of that, so its safe to use.
    Now, you reached SG and begin the application stage. (I trust that you have done application online). The real battle begins. Continue to apply everyday, make sure you dont miss all the channels (Jobstreet, jobsdb, monster, StraitsTimes, Linkedin) and the most impt is to pray. We can just do much. All depends on the Lords plan, so dont lose heart. Have a good mindset, and enjoy SG. Go out and connect with fellow Filipinos. You never know, maybe ur on the same field and can recommend some job opportunity. God bless kabayan and all the best!
  • @RDG Oh wow, 10years! Just wow ^^ Which engineering field specifically, Sir?

    I doubt my current company would allow me to have a month leave since lack of manpower and were in operations. Ive read somewhere in this site that he declared his ID lost to the company before he resigned and thats what he showed IO. To how he handled supporting docs like COE and Leave form i dont know xD

    I appreciate your reply here Sir, thank you!
  • @Yoroshii , Im at Healthcare engineering. Yea, the lost ID will work pra hndi mo i surrender ung ID mo. COE and leave form, they dont need it. Basta dont forget to clear your Yahoo mail and txt messages ng mga "job application" details. Because they have the right to check ur phone pag pinaghinalaan ka (it happened to my friend last month). So, andun dapat ung agoda booking mo (if canceled, delete the cancellation email). Your docs (TOR, degree, etc) should be at check in luggage, dont hand carry it. Remember, they will or will not check ur phone or hand carry, but better be safe than sorry bro.
  • Hello po..Paano po ba ako makakapag apply abroad as CAT or bookkeeper? Napasa ko na po yung tatlong part ng exam. Every year nagbabayad po ako ng membership sa niat para wag mawala yung pag pasa ko po sa exam. Mag 3years na po ako nagwowork as accounting staff in a private company and gusto ko po magkaroon ng growth sa aking career. Paano po ba ako makakapag apply abroad as CAT or bookkeeper habang andito po ko sa pilipinas? Patulong po.. any advice?
  • Hi @Milka , first step is to get a SG phone and address that you will put sayong resume. Theres a low chance na tumawag employer if nsa Pinas ka pa, so if meron kang relative or friends dito sa SG, ask their permission if you can use their number and let them know ur sending CVs online. Pasa lang ng pasa hanggang sa my tumawag sa kanya, and u can plan ur visit in SG accordingly. Actually, madami pa tips dito, and hindi tlga pwdeng mailagay on 1 reply. Case to case basis mga experiences ng ating mga kababayan, but for starters, this is good enough. Know also the demand on ur field, by checking job availability in Job search engines. Hope this helps!
  • @RDG , i see. Though its tough to apply for any engineering position because they still prefer males. Anyway, looking forward to it. Thanks again for your advices Sir. :smile:
  • hello @Yoroshii , not really. How many years of exp do you have? Gender equality nman dito, wag lang tlga ung need ng physical demands like need to carry heavy lifts. Especially nsa facilities ka pla. Dont want to give false hope, pero engineering field in SG is lacking. Locals prefer the office job (ung nka neck tie and high heels jobs), so most engineering competetion is within Pinoy and India. Just keep on trying. Make ur resume "head-turner" and tailor fit sa aaplayan mo. And dont forget to pray sis. God bless sayo!
  • 3+ years po. I hope so.. thanks again Kuya! @RDG
  • no probs @Yoroshii . Dont forget to update Linkedin account and make sure your location is in Singapore. This will be my 5th job in 10 years, and lahat yun, I got from Linkedin. Just update and try to connect sa mga head hunters.
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