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My Job Hunter Guidelines

“Make A Good Planning. Preparation will save you, your time, money and effort. Always pray for guidance.”

My Job Hunter Guidelines:

1. You Need A Room, My Friend.

Everyone needs a place to stay. Make an inventory of your friends or relatives whom are working or living in Singapore and asked them if they can help you find a temporary place to stay.

2. Money, your fuel to execute your plans.

Save as much money as you can to cover your basic needs like food, lodging, transportation, mobile prepaid cards, internet connection, etc. When you run short of money in the middle of your journey, ask help from your friends or relatives. Just make sure that you pay them back once you found a job.

4. Resume, your first key to your employer’s door.

Make your resume look neat and clean. Update your home address and mobile number to a Singapore address and mobile number. Put in your best current picture, the one that looks very professional and not the ones used in your Facebook profile picture. Include in your resume all the relevant information relating to the job you’re applying for. But, take note of this, all information in your resume must be real and much better if you have the certificates as proof that everything you put in your resume is legit. I said real, okay? Don’t ever think of submitting fake documents from Recto University.

5. Documents, proof of your worth.

Like what I mentioned in item number 4, all information in your resume must be legit. Prepare CLEAR hard copy and soft copy of all your documents. Employers will ask you to send them your documents via email and those same documents are the ones your employer sends to MOM (Ministry of Manpower) when they apply for your pass. So again, make sure your documents are CLEAR COPY AND AUTHENTIC.

6. Laptop or PC & Internet Connection.

These are your major tools to search for jobs online. Create as many account as you can on every online job search website you can find. You can refer to the links I’ve provided at the bottom. Wake up early in the morning and start searching. Remember, you’re not the only job hunter around. The competition is big. Be persistent. Search for new job postings at least three times a day. Morning, afternoon and evening. The more applications you send the bigger chance you have of landing an interview.

7. Mobile Phone & Email, receivers of good opportunities.

Before you send job applications, buy a Singtel, M1 or Starhub sim card and make sure you update your resume and your online job profiles with your new number and home address in Singapore. Then you can start sending job applications. When you’re done sending job applications, always be alert and make sure your phone is always with you. Turn up the volume of your phone and make sure the battery is always full and that your phone has enough load. If not, you might miss a call. Also, check your email from time to time for job interview invitations.

8. Attire, the presentation of yourself.

Now is your job interview. Don’t blew it up. You worked hard sending hundreds of applications every day. You have invested your time, money and effort. Don’t blew it up by wearing lousy attire. Dress up like a real professional. You should invest on your attire to look sharp and presentable in the eyes of your potential employer. Be confident. Be smooth and clear when you speak. Pay attention. Stay alert, stay alive.

Good luck! You will succeed!


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