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Undergrad that wants to work in SG

Hi. I just wanted to ask some ideas. Undergrad ako. I am currently based in Dubai right now. I want to consider sg sana na lipatan na country. Mahhrapan ba ako makahanap ng work since undergrad ako? I still have 1 year pa sa college.
4-5 yrs na ako nagwowork sa mga office jobs. If ever na mag apply ako sa sg ng office jobs, kahit undergrad ako, may possibility ba na matanggap? Thank you


  • yup mahihirapan ka. kasi need ang college diploma. pero depende din siguro. try ur luck.
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    Hi Stacey. Thank you. So Diploma based sila? Are they also considering like certificate na nag went through ka ng college pero di mo lang natapos?

  • @faithcuevas - depende sa field of work mo, I know a lot of IT no college diploma, they have HS diploma only. Salary is 7.5k other is 8k, both are Cloud Solutions Architect (10+ yrs exp)...

    pero sa ibang field probably theyll require it.
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    but I think that 7.5k-8k was really over exaggerated now. It's hard to find that kind of salary now esp if you don't have college diploma. just saying.
    and faith for my opinion only. I don't think they will accept a certificate. Based on what I know alot of employers are looking for a college diploma. Bakit ba naman sila kukuha ng hs diploma lang kung madami naman jan iba na may college diploma at same exp sayo at ung iba baka mas maganda pa. except nlng kung napaka special at nabubukod tangi ang tagal ng exp mo. Pero pwede mo pa din itry. Who knows you might open a big opportunity db? You never know until you try.
  • maka lipat nga Full Stack sa Cloud Solutions Architect laki ng sahod. paano sila nakapasa ng epass hs diploma lang meron sila?
  • @geneFlynn Truelala. Yan din pinagtatakahan ko. HS diploma tapos Epass? Parang ang O.A naman. Hahaha. just saying..

  • @stacey @geneFlynn nope I'm note exaggerating.. malaki talaga sweldo ng cloud architect.. its high demand now, lahat nag mo-move into cloud technology.

    in IT mostly startups they don't really care if you have MBA or any diploma, see Elon Musks interview about college degree.

    Also I think MOM is not that strict about diploma dahil hindi ganun kadami ang skillset at sobrang taas ng demand.

    Even DevOps are getting really good pay.

    As a proof check nyo ito:

    Median Salary of Solution Architect is $134,000 (most solution architect now ay cloud, but it can be data center solution architect etc...).. Take note thats Median

    I'm in the SA field kaya alam ko.

  • Also to answer the question paano nagka-EP w/out diploma, ito yung requirements ng EP from MOM site.

    Who is eligible
    The Employment Pass is for foreign professionals who:

    Have a job offer in Singapore.
    - Work in a managerial, executive or specialised job.
    - Earn a fixed monthly salary of at least $3,600 (more experienced candidates need higher salaries).
    - Have acceptable qualifications, usually a good university degree, professional qualifications or specialist skills.

    So pasok doon sa "Specialist Skills" :)

    Ngayon ko lang nalaman din ito.. but matagal na ako may kilala na EP pero walang college diploma.. I just didn't bother to check.

  • @geneFlynn - yep Cloud Solutions Architect is here to stay and it's good if you have desire to move.

    I would highly recommend to learn new skills lalo na sa field ng AI... probably if mag-mature pa yung AI maraming jobs na mawawala dito sa SG lalo na yung repetitive ...

    Not too late to learn :)
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. SA field ka? Parang sinabi mo na din na SA field ako(Malaki ang sweldo ko) kaya alam ko Hahahaha
  • pero yang mga sinabi mo para sa may 10yrs exp na. pero kung starting ka palang napaka impossible. haha
  • sige paps @thematrix titignan ko yan Cloud Solutions Architect sa ngayon kasi natutuwa pa ko sa react at react native eh hehe salamats.

    Not too late to learn talaga paps kasi 20's pa ako lol :D

    ang tanung ko lang sabhin na nten eligible nga kasi sa sabi mo "Specialist Skills" pero kasi required ang degree certificate sa pag kuha ng epass eh

    at mahigpit ang MOM sa education background meron nga ako ka housemate dati na pinauwi dahil sa pineke yung diploma nia nalaman.

    pero kung yung kakilala mo talaga ganun thumbs up sa kanya :)
  • Oo nga. ung kasama ko din. pineke daw ung college diploma nya. engr pa naman un dito tapos pinauwi din at na ban pa dito sa sg.

  • @stacey - yep it is malaki... but my mindset is its not the sweldo.. its how you invest your money. Napakabilis maubos ng pera lalo na if you don't know where to invest it.

    Also it doesn't matter the amount in investing.. its the discipline and knowledge where to put the money.

    I mean you must atleast have the experience not really 10 years.. as long as it falls doon sa category ng "Specialist Skills" then MOM would "Probably" approve it.. kasi sabi nga din sa website ng MOM:

    - Candidates without acceptable qualifications may not necessarily be rejected. Similarly, having acceptable qualifications does not guarantee approval.

    - We look at other factors such as proven track records and exceptional skill sets on a case-by-case basis.

    So I guess at the end of the day better to try it else you wouldn't know the result.

  • @geneFlynn - Faking docs will bring no good to you lalo na sa IT, imagine fake mo na marunong ka ng react or laravel then 0 knowledge, these skills can't just be easily acquired in 1 or 2 months.. probably 6+ months kahit papaano.

    Lalo na sa System Administration, image pa extend sayo yung LVM or migrate postgresql db na prod.. ewan ko lang kung saan ka damputin with no experience at all.. so kahit I-fake mo docs mo w/out the real skillset mabubuko ka din ng employer mo. So this is a big NO NO!

    I think on the diploma sabi nga sa MOM site:

    - We don't have a list of approved institutions. Instead, we evaluate each application on its own merit, based on a wide range of criteria such as global and country rankings, and enrolment standards.

    - Candidates without acceptable qualifications may not necessarily be rejected. Similarly, having acceptable qualifications does not guarantee approval.

    - We look at other factors such as proven track records and exceptional skill sets on a case-by-case basis.

    Sabi nga "Candidates w/out acceptable qualifications may "NOT" necessarily be rejected... so it means nasa desecration or assessment na ng MOM Officer :)

    Oh you are doing react.. then better focus on DevOps then once super galing na then can jump to Solutions Architect...
  • @thematrix grabe naman sahod jan kabayan $$$$ sarapssss
  • @thematrix edi ikaw na may malaking sahod. EDI WOW! HAHAHAHA
  • @thematrix hi bes! pwede ba makipagkaibigan? hahahahaha
  • @maya oo naghahanap yan sya ng kachat last time. hahaha. binigay pa nga ung number nya dinelete ko lang. Hahaha

  • @Kebs mabilis lang maubos ang pera, you have to invest while you have opportunity working in SG. Invest to something that will generate income. It doesn't matter the amount of salary, dahil even if you have high salary if you spend it wrongly hindi mo namamalayan lumilipas ang panahon babalik ka na pala ng Pinas wala ka pang investment.

    Sabi nga nila walang naging mayaman na empleyado
  • may kakilala ako, bonus nila di bababa ng times5 sa isang taon. tas 2x a yr ang pabonus. so total in a year na natry daw nya times 15 ng basic nya. nung nalaman ko, ayun bes na tawagan namin hahahahaha
  • Mgnda ang IT kung may skills ka ang may mga certs or trainings dito sa sg..gaya ng main tenant nmin senior system admin xa..sa bahay lng ngwwork SGD$12k sahod 4x a day lng ang ngwwork...ni-la LANG nya lng ang SGD8000 n inoofer sa knya ng ibang company haha sarap buhay
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    @maya - hahaha!

    @berdugo - yes, lalo na yung government dito sa SG full support sa technology. Mas tataas ang hiring sa IT kapag nabuksan na yung data center ng Facebook dito sa Singapore.

  • @faithcuevas mahihirapan ka kung ang field mo ay sa admin/office jobs kasi isa yan sa mga trabaho ng lokal dito. May mga college graduate na dito na hirap pa din makahanap ng work. Pagisapan nyo pong maige.
  • @thematrix hindi malabo ang 7k to 10K kapag Cloud Solutions Architect. Dahil gagastusan mo talaga at paghihirapan yan exams palang.
    edited November 2018
    Posible yan @faithcuevas , pero gaya ng sabi ni Anne, pang local kasi ung admin. My friends ( 2 sila), they both work as technical staff. 10 yrs sa Saudi, ung isa 5 yrs sa Kuwait, vocational course tinapos nila pero lusot pa din sa MOM kasi in-line naman sa past experience ung work nila dito. They are competetive dahil sa unique skill set. Yun dapat ang maging advantage mo.

    Just to add up ung topic ng mga bossing sa taas: Singapore government is rapidly leaning towards Digital Transformation. Nalaman ko to kasi most companies I have present para sa product namin, (I'm in the healthcare sector) they were all about going digital. A-Star and other govenrment-backed companies invest heavily dito ngayon, kaya tama, there is a big market for cloud and data center IT, and i-approve ng MOM ang EP if its IT related work (Digital transformation) kahit hindi degree holder. Maniwala kayo sa hindi, aim nila is to make all automated and yes, develop A.I. all over Singapore. ;)
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    @faithcuevas ang prob lang ksi if undergrad ka ang maippkita mo na diploma is HS diploma. Dito naman sa SG bsta may maipasa ka na diploma wag lang HS diploma, for ex 2 yr course sa college, or 1 yr sa tesda na may certificate, pasok sa spass ung mga gnun.

    May mga kilala ako 2 yr course graduate puro office job naman sila. Spass.

    Not sure lang tlga pag undergrad ksi wala kang mapapakta non kundi TOR at hs diploma e.

    Sa work naman, tama silang pang local ksi un pero malay mo naman db. Ung work ko ngyon sa telco puro local din ksama ko pero bsta maipsa mo Lang interview khit anu pa yan pg pra sau para sayo Yan :)

    Goodluck, pray pray. Bsta pag pangarap mo worth it isugal yan bsta pag aralan mo muna mbuti lht bgo ka Sumugod dto..
  • ayy may kakilala ako kapatid ko undergrad, nasa cyber security ang field nya. kailangan sya ng SG. HS diploma ang binigay nya sa MOM..tapos nag apply sya ng PR, tanggap naman ng ICA yung HS diploma. MNC pa na company nag wo-work sya.. choosy kasi yun.. di nya tinapos ang college, kasi bobo daw ang mga teacher! na bwibwisit lang sya! kaya maaga sya nag work
  • edited November 2018
    @travelandliving masyado naman yung tao na yan. sabihan pa na mga bobo ang teacher??? kung bobo sila edi dapat ndi sila nakapass at naging professional. Paki sabi nga sa kanya.. kung nabbwisit lang sya. MAS nakakabwisit sya! HUWAG MASYADONG HAMBOG AT MATAAS ANG LIPAD!!! ANG BUHAY AY BILOG KUNG ANONG TAAS NG LIPAD NYA DOBLE OR TRIPLE PA UNG PAGBAGSAK NYA SA LUPA! Karamihan talaga sa PINOY masyado manlait. Nagdadahilan lang sya kasi ndi sya nakapagtapos ng COLLEGE! TAMAD siguro sya.. at malamang sa malamang may kakilala lang sya kaya nakapasok jan sa MNC na yan. Kung makapagsalita sa mga TEACHER akala mo grabeng TALINO??? bakit para ba syang si ALBERT EINSTEIN na sobrang talino at makapagsabi na bobo ang mga TEACHER??? Ndi ako TEACHER pero kung wala ang mga TEACHER wala tayo magandang future kasi sila ang tumutulong para matuto tayong magbasa magsulat at ibp!!! Tsaka wag sya masyadong assuming na super talino nya. Kasi kung matalino talaga sya ndi na nya NEED MAGING EMPLEYADO KASI KUNG MATALINO KA YOU MAKE UR OWN BUSINESS AND BE A BOSS NOT AN EMPLOYEE!!! TSKKKKKKK.. KAKAIRITA BASAHIN COMMENT MO!!!!
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