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Has Job Offer and Still Hunting

Hi guys, ask ko lang, may magiging issue ba kung sakaling inaapply/inassess kana ng employer mo ng pass then nagjojob hunt ka parin? Reason for job hunt pa siguro naghuhunt ng better compensation and job responsibilities. May magiging issue ba kung sakaling 2 diff companies offer you a job and trying to get you a pass? Thanks in advance all!


  • @sjsy No problem yan. Ako more than 5 years na dito nagjojobhunt pa din, looking for better compensation and opportunities parati :)

    Good luck sayo, kabayan!!!
  • @sjsy one pass application at a time ang MOM. kahit may makita ka pang 10 employers pero na apply kana ng pass nung una need mo pa iwait ung result nung una bago ka maapply ng second employer. or if mas maganda ung 2 edi ipakansel mo nlng ung unang application mo. ganun sya,
  • tama si @stacey one pass application at a time, ou pwede ka mag jobhunt habang meron nag pprocess sayo ng pass pero yun ay para backup lang pag ka rejected yung first company o kaya pacancel mo yung una pag ka meron ka better opportunity pero di pwede yung multiple pass na pinaprocess, ganyan din ako 2nd job ko pinacancel ko yung una meron din kasi ako nabasa dito na dalawa nag pprocess ng pass nia pero ang ending nireject ni mom application nia.
  • @Kebs @stacey @geneFlynn salamat sa tips.

    Ahhh ganun ba, baka malasin kasi pag pinacancel ung una tapos rejected ung 2nd. Sayang. Hmmm.

    Also, paano po pag nakapagpass kana tapos 1 year contract sa company, pwede ka parin maghanap ng work then pag okay pwede lumipat?
  • edited November 2018
    @sjsy - yes pwde kang maghanap ng work (interview) as many as you want... provided "ISANG COMPANY" lang ang tatanggapin mo ng offer na mag-aapply ng SPass/EP mo....

    Ako what I usually do when I was new in Singapore kapag naka 3-5 interview ako usually meron ng 1 or 2 na nagooffer... yung gusto ko yun ang tinatanggap ko mag-apply ng EP, then yung pangalawang nag offer ang sinasabi ko can you give me couple of days to think about the offer.. (dinedelay ko lang in case na ma-reject yung application ko sa MOM).

    Pero dati kc 2-3 days labas na ang EP or S Pass eh.. now you need to wait atleast 2 weeks. So need to change yung diskarte.

    Then sa isang question mo if pwde ka bang mag-apply ng ibang work if may current work ka na? The answer is yes pero ito ang procedure:

    1. Currently working (EP/SPass)
    2. Look for new job (inform the new employer of you current status and how many days ang notice period mo)
    3. If new employer is ok with your start date (including notice period), then apply ka nila ng SPass/EP sa MOM.
    4. Once IPA approved, submit your resignation to your current (old) employer (serve the notice period).
    5. Once current SPass/EP terminated, new employer will apply the IPA for SPass/EP.
    6. Start your new work.

    NOTE: Magte-tender ka lang ng resignation mo once ma-approve yung IPA mo sa new company mo. And don't tell anyone (officemates or even office friends) na may pending application ka sa MOM because its not good.

    IPA means:
    An in-principle approval ( IPA ) is one of the requirements for getting foreign workers to Singapore. You will get an IPA letter when your Work Permit application is approved. The validity of the IPA will be mentioned in the letter. This is the window you have to bring the foreign worker to Singapore.

  • @thematrix hi salamat sa mga info. Sobrang helpful siya. Sige gawa ako plan ko for this. Maraming salamat!
  • @thematrix @Kebs @stacey @geneFlynn and sa iba. Paano po kayo un. Paano po pag naapprove na yung S-Pass na pinasa ng isang company tapos may isang company na gustong offeran ka ng higher salary tapos E-Pass iapply? Paano po kaya pwedeng gawin? Salamat!
  • @sjsy basta me result na (approved/rejected), pwede na ang next application. Good luck!
  • @Kebs so okay lang pala kahit naapprove siya then apply panibago this week. Salamat!

  • @sjsy - If approve na yung S-Pass mo then you have to be appreciative and go for it. Also it won't look good if hindi ka pa nags-start sa work then papa-cancel mo yung S-Pass mo dahil may bagong opportunity.

    Dyan na pumapasok yung values thats set with in you. Integrity.

    This is also similar halimbawa nakaka 2-3 months ka palang sa work then may bagong offer then magugulo isip mo na magresign and take the new job offer. Besides you won't know if ma-aaprove yung EP or not.

    Some people work for money, challenges, perks, learning, etc... kailangan alam mo yung "WHY" are you working for this company.

    This is a personal opinion. Iba-iba naman tayo so just weigh which one suits you best. Kasi meron naman talagang gumagawa ng ganun, like after 6 months lipat na new work lalo na if PR ka... so we can't judge them... we all have reasons that will favor in us.. and at the end of the day thats whats important is yung makakabuti para sa atin.
  • tama si @thematrix pag naapprove yung spass mo appreciate mo nlng ang mahalaga meron kang work.

    mahirap ata yan ganyan after maapprove binayaran ng company yung process mo tapos pacancel mo agad apply nnman ng bago tinalo mo pa mga local o pr haha baka imbes na work na ireject pa ni mom application mo dahil sa dyan pero ikaw mag decide kung gusto mo itry
  • ingat ka lang sa next move mo. baka ung nagapply sayo ng spass hindi nila ikancel para makaganti sayo.. :) kasi naman nagaksaya sila ng panahon sayo at pera sau. maraming ganyan umuwi ng luhaan hanggat matapos ung svp.
  • @sjsy sa hirap maghanap ng work ngayon, blessing talaga yung approved un pass. May ibang employer talagang ihhold nila un IPA Cancellation para hindi ka agad maapplyan ng ibang pass. Ingat2 nln.
  • @sjsy sad to say, pero hindi tayo ganun kasing flexible like ng PR / SC. We don't have that luxury na kung ayaw, lipat ulit ng bago, its all due to the fact na MOM has the final say sa susunod mong work. And if they found out na ganun ang ginawa mo sa previous employer, they might take it against you and reject your next application. It is what it is kabayan, so my advise is for you to atleast stay for 6 months, or maybe 1 year, depends kung meron tlgang very good offer on the table. Tyagain mo na, and be grateful na you have able to land a job here in SG. All the best sayo.
  • @sjsy suggest na tapusin mo yung unang pass mo (normally 2 years) bago ka lumipat ng work. pero, depende pa rin sayo yan. kasi ang drawback pag palipat-lipat ka at pass holder ka, baka masilip yan ng EmOEm at maging dahilan ng hindi pagpasa ng pass mo
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