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Office base and Freelance Work Experience - Applying

Hi guys i was wondering if yung experience as freelance 2 years and experience via office base is also 2 years so 4 years, would it be hard for me to be granted spass or epass? even if gusto ako ng employer. So pag nag pass ako ng documents ano po dapat i sesend ko na proof so that it will be granted as experience talaga lalo na sa freelance experiences and mas higher chance of being approved.


  • usually u need to furnish a valid documentation to prove na you have gained a total 4 years of experience. Perhaps if you have portfolio to show as a freelance then that would be a great chance to show your self of. Plus COE from your previous company. Regardless of your experience asa luck mo pa din if you will granted or not. But to give you positive mindset, my niece has only 2 years experience and went here to Singapore several times. She failed for her 2 attempts (2 years). but afterwards was given SPASS :) So keep up and pray hard. Good luck
  • Thanks @shire ,yeah i was just wondering this kind of scenarios specially marami talaga ngayon nag hohomebased jobs. Wow congrats to your niece btw :smile:
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