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Disappointments on Cebu Pacific Airline!

edited February 2017 in Loose talks
I’d been patronizing Cebu Pacific Air for about a decade already since the day I started flying a lot. I had many instances of bad experience, too much delays and last minute changes on gates. Not to mention how they lost and found my luggage some time in 2013, and as a reconciliation of that incident, they had given me a free ticket on one of their trips. Nevertheless, I still considered them to be on the top of my list.

It was a harmonious feeling of patronizing them as my choice of airline besides their cheap prices on tickets.

However, my last trip with them this month had me enough to say... I despised them. They are the only airline in the Philippines today who are very strict in terms of checked in baggage. Yes, is it given that it’s their rules, however they should at least consider some passengers who are in shock of this new extreme changes on carry-on’s policy because at the end of the day, it’s their passengers’ choice to treat well.

The incident. I had my flight from Singapore to Cagayan de Oro with connecting flight in Manila. When I left Changi Airport, it was a smooth process. They had seen my backpack, personal bag and one carry-on trolley. I arrived in Manila safe and sound but felt humiliated when I was going to the final check in counter, as the lady who represents Cebupacific took my luggage and said “go back to the counter”. I said, “I don’t have time since I have a connecting flight and had no problem in my origin flight in Singapore. They should have alarmed me so I’m ready for this strictness.” I asked if they could consider and won’t happen again, but I failed and moved me to the counter area. I was advised to go back to the final checked in area again as I talked to the Supervisor in counter area. I went to the Final checked in for the third time as I was trying to please them because I might miss my connecting flight but they pressured me not to enter. They were like 7 officers looking after me angrily. The securities of the airport (not connected with CebuPac) were in pity of me but the airline employees didn’t care because I guess they have quota for every passenger they can stop to buy new luggage. It’s the money and how much the airline can add revenue which I believe not a way to earn profit. It's a huge inconvenience!

It was even unfair that some other CebuPac passengers who were having more than 7 kilos were considered to check in. I almost wanted to cry how unfair it was!

I still resisted. However, one thing that is unacceptable was when they asked me to bribe them so they could let me in. I wanted to take video or voice recording but I was in tensed to check in as I really wanted to be in boarding gate. I went back to the counter area, and luckily one guy offered to take my personal bag to add on his ticket. They still stopped me and interrogated the guy who the only person who helped me. Until finally, they realized to let me in after crowd the check-in entrance.

When I was taking my return flight, same incident in Manila Terminal. They officer recognized me, pulled my own luggage forcibly and said “you are the same person!”. She took my trolley and weighed in. It was less than 7 kilo. She saw my backpack, and she already assumed I was excess in luggage without weighing everything I had including my backpack. She just checked the weight of my trolley. I decided to pay my luggage for over a thousand pesos just to make things easier and promised myself not to book anything on Cebu Pacific ever again. I have decided to delete my account to them so I won’t have urgency to make any bookings to them in the future.

I hope they will expedite my request on terminating my account on GetGo and CebuPacificAir website. I want to cut in ties with them on social media as well. Hoping to focus on my Mabuhay Miles with Philippine Airlines since I travel a lot.

I don’t entirely hate them, it wasn’t all their fault, I understand. I just want to avoid any inconveniences in my future flights. I learned so much on this experience, and move on with other airlines who have the heart and care for their passengers.

Surely, I will enjoy every flight I will take with Philippine Airlines!
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