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PR in 4-6 Months, Canadian Immigration Rep Coming to SG

Hi. I’m organising an orientation session for professionals who are keen on migrating to Canada as a Permanent Resident and will invite 30-40 qualified professionals to attend the session for FREE.

Minimum qualification is either a) degree holder with at least 1 year work experience or b) 3-year undergraduate with at least 3 years work experience.

Processing time under Canadian Immigration’s Express Entry Program is 4-6 months to become a Permanent Resident. As PR, immigrants are entitled to the same benefit as a citizen from the time they land in Canada (except rights to vote). You can bring entire family and get the same benefits (free education, children’s allowance, jobless compensation, etc).

An accredited immigration representative will come to Singapore to conduct the orientation for interested professionals. Companies and provinces in Canada looking for employees will also be available.

For a free invite, please send me your brief profile (Name, Age, Email Address, Education, Work Experience) as soon as possible to [email protected] Seats are limited and only qualified professionals will be invited. First come, first serve basis only.

NO FEES will be collected. FREE assessment and advise. NO obligation to register. NO follow up after the session.

Email [email protected] or whatsapp/viber +6582987244 for additional queries.


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    Curious to know more? Below are more info about the Express Entry system of becoming a Permanent Resident in Canada :

    If you need to know more, send me your brief profile and if meet the minimum requirement, we will invite you to the free orientation.

    NOTE: please do not try to apply nor create a profile before you get to listen to an accredited immigration representative as simple error when you log in can permanently affect your future applications.
  • Hi, ano difference ng SG PR vs Canada PR?

    Hindi ba sila naghihigpit ngayon like dito?
  • Unlike in SG, its very easy for professionals to be a PR in Canada. Dito kahit 5 years ka nang nag wo work as EP, there's no guarantee that you will become a PR. In Canada, even if you're not a professional, after just a year in their Temporary Resident Visa program eh pede ka nang mag PR, and under the Express Entry Process, pedeng mag-apply ng PR kahit di ka pa nakakatungtong ng Canada and you can get a PR status in 6 months time as long as you fit the requirements (professional + 1 year work experience or undergrad + 3 years experience).

    Yung difference is also night and day. Among the major benefits are 1) FREE education until college, 2) universal healthcare for all (kahit maintenance drug/care libre like chemo, dialysis, etc), 3) benefit (i think $500) per child (kahit di mo dun ipinanganak), 4) up to 1 year maternity leave with pay, 5) jobless compensation (i know of a new PR who didnt work for a few months pagdating nila sa Canada, after a month from the time she landed and got her SIN, parang IC dito, she received a $1,800 cheque as her jobless compensation), and many more minor benefits. Like, they have a food bank where anyone can come and eat as much as you want or that in certain places, they pay people to go to the park so just that there will be people using it.

    But in terms of foreigners who just want to work there, they are quite strict parehas sa Sg. You can only easily live and work there if you get in as a PR which is easy for professionals under the Express Entry process.

    Is this too good to be true? Well, you can easily verify this sa mga nag migrate na pinoys or sa website ng Canada immigration. Also there is a catch why they're doing this. Most of their citizen are either retired or close to age of retirement and considering that the population is only 35M and getting smaller, they need the PR's to supplement their work force and to keep them populated. There are provinces as big as the Philippines that has under a million population (three provinces have under 50K population). That is why they want us to be there. smiley:
  • Sounds exciting, ano po role nyo?
  • I was a PR here in Sg but i renounced it just last year to go back to Manila but i still frequently visit since i own a pizza outlet in Raffles Place together with a local partner. I'm helping a friend who wanted to run an orientation session and we'll do it in the restaurant.

    Btw, i-plug ko na rin, hehehe. If you want to have a create-your-own, fresh, artisan, hand stretched pizza, please come down to Knicker+Bockers at Raffles Place (take exit C from the MRT station). We have 4 kinds of dough, 5 kinds of sauce, 8 kinds of cheese, and about 40+ gourmet meats, sea foods and gourmet toppings (unlimited toppings namin smiley:). Its voted as one of the top three best pizza in Singapore in Hungrygowhere. Most of my staff are Pinoys and they're very nice.
  • @Suddenly_Susan, please send me your brief profile if you're curious about it. There's nothing to lose anyway, just maybe 2 hours of your time (but you get to enjoy our great tasting pizza, so it should be worth it). You can also mention this to some of your acquaintances. Thanks.
  • Ok.. but what is your role and what is your motivation/how will you earn money from this service? I feel better to be up front with these things.
  • Also what is the date/time of the session?
  • oops sorry I meant, more information about your "friend" who's coming to give the session.
  • @Suddenly_Susan, we will reserve the pizza outlet for the event so it will give me a chance to let more people sample our pizza while it will give them a free venue to hold the orientation seminar. So its mutually beneficial.

    She is an accredited immigration representative who owns a training company doing programs for companies within Asia and Europe. When Canada regulated the immigration services to be provided to would-be immigrants, their company is one of those given accreditation to deal with them and process PR immigration thru Express Entry.

    A few months ago an Indian staff of mine applied for Express Entry thru a service provider she found online and she told me she paid close to $20K to get it done (she actually got her PR from Canada about 5 months). Eventually i found out from my friend that the cost could be just a fraction of that amount so i asked her if she can conduct an orientation to gauge the interest of people here.

    If this will be worthwhile, then we plan to do this regularly and set up an office to provide the same services under a more affordable terms for people who want to live and work as a PR in Canada.

    The session will be sometime on the third week of May after office hours.
  • Hi Guys, a few more slots are available. You can still email or whasapp me for the orientation.
  • Save the date: 22 May, 2017 at 6.30pm around Raffles Place.
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