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  • Success Story of a first timer - The Calculated Risk

    July 2017 - Booked a round trip ticket from Manila to Singapore
    February 24 - Manila to Singapore
    March 05 - Email received from recruiter for initial Interview
    March 06 - Technical Interview
    March 07 - Received Call from recruiter for the 2nd round of interview schedule .
    March 09 - In the morning, HR Manager Interview
    March 09 - In the afternoon, received email requesting for the payslips, diploma and character reference (Manager/Supervisor)
    March 15 - Received call that the job offer already approved and waiting for the High level approval. Discussed the JO.
    March 19 - Decided to apply for online Social Visit Pass extension
    March 20 - Online extension got Approved. Informed HR.
    March 20 - Received for a call from HR for a meeting on March 21st 11 AM.
    March 21 - Signed Job contract and start processing my Work Pass.
    April 02 - Work pass got approved
    April 03 - Undergo a Medical Examination
    April 05 - Received a generated text that my Medical Report is now Available for collection. No Medical Findings, Fit to work. Informed HR and confirmed my start date of work.
    April 09 - Start of Work
    Opening of Bank account, Photo Opt and Finger Print registration from MOM - TBD

    Things I'd bring going to SG

    1. Passport with atleast 10 months validity - for Immigration/Work purposes
    2. Return ticket SG to MNL - for Immigration purposes
    3. Hotel Accomodation - for Immigration purposes
    4. Company ID - for Immigration purposes
    5. Certificate of Employment Letter - for Immigration purposes
    6. Payslip for the past 3 months (Soft Copy) - for employment purposes
    7. 2x2 ID Picture (Soft Copy) - for employment purposes
    8. Diploma (Soft Copy) - for employment purposes
    9. Other Work related certifications or credentials (Soft Copy) - for employment purposes


    1. 2 weeks or earlier mag apply na online bago pumunta sa SG. Much better bago pumunta ay may naka line up ka nang interview.
    2. Mag praktis ng mga Q & A for interviews. kelangan handa sa mga tanong. madami kang ka competition if pumunta ka ng after CNY. Though, base on my experience madami naman opening kaya patas lang.
    3. Mas ok pumunta ng kasama GF/BF/Asawa para hindi paghinlaan ng Immigration Officer na maghahanap ka dito ng Work.
    4. Do your best and plan ahead, hindi biro ang pagod na ilalaan sa paghahanap ng work dito kaya dapat walang masayang na oras.
    5. Mas ok kung ikaw ang tatawag sa mga recruiter kapag may nakita kang Job post para mapansin ka agad. do googling on their company contact number if not posted sa Job advertisement.
    6. Wag magtiwala sa mga agency na hihingan ka ng certain amount keso iidorse ka daw sa client nila at hahanapan ka ng work. Naging target din ako nito dahil minsan ako naging desparate magkawork dito.
    7. Always inform them your visa status and SVP expire date. Ask the recruiter if that accept foreign talents. Kung may Quota sila.
    8. Linkedin, helpful yan sa Job seeker kasi you can contact directly sa recruiter. Update your header profile, stating that your looking for a Job with your SG mobile number, and add more recruiter connections to get noticed.
    9. Use PDF editor such as Nitro editor kaysa mag print ka ng PDF then sign then scan, magastos ang pa print dito. Masakit ang $1 per page print.
    10. Last but not the least, always pray and seek God first. It helped me a lot.

    Disclaimer: Above mentioned are my own experience and some scenario may not be applicable to others.

    @Admin if you find this helpful. please paki pin nalang po para makita agad ng ating mga fellow kababayan na naghahanap ng work at makatulong. Thank you
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  • Spass pending ( but my 30 days free visa will end soon)

    Yes apply extension online, ganan ginawa ko before my plan to exit sana sa JB and with God's grace na approved naman extension ko, so now dito ko n lang antayin ang results ng work pass ko. Talaga, nakakaba at hindi ka mapalagay kung ano gagawin. Payo ko, try mo muna apply online, baka kasi pag labas mo ng SG saka mo maisip na sana nag try ka apply extension. maximize your chances habang nasa loob ka pa ng SG. Good luck to all of us.