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Checklist/Tips to Avoid Scam from Agencies

edited February 2018 in Working and Job hunting
Sa mga bagong lapag sa SG or sa website na to, looking for a job and still new to the agency process, hope this can guide.

If a direct employment is tough to find, it is recommended to look for an agency help. Employment Agency is a company/business that acts as a bridge between employers and job seekers. They earn by collecting money from either the job seekers or companies, or in some cases from both. Unfortunately, unlicensed or even some licensed agencies abuse their business by doing malpractices and scams.

It's best to always consult your friend/relative working here in Singapore whenever a payment to an agency is involved.

Here are some things to consider to avoid abuse or scams:

1. Searching for the agency name or license number:
1. Singapore: https://services.mom.gov.sg/eadirectory/
2. Philippines: http://www.poea.gov.ph/cgi-bin/agSearch.asp
*Added February 23, 2018: Latest Status of Recruitment Agencies PH portal: http://www.poea.gov.ph/cgi-bin/agList.asp?mode=act

- Rule of thumb: kung wala ang agency sa both directories, be extra careful or do not engage with them.

2. Freelancers/Referrals: They are individuals who refer job seekers to agencies or employers and get referral commissions OR just a legit help from families/friends. Mashadong malawak ito. If you are dealing with freelancers/referrals, please remember na connected ang job opportunity sa isang agency or employer mismo. It is your responsibility na alamin muna kung anung name ng agency then check if it is a licensed one.

Example scenario: Lumapit sayo ang kaibigan mo - "Uy bes/mars! meron akong kilala naghahanap ng sales staff sa isang retail store sa singapore, baka me kilala kang gusto magtrabaho dun?"
- intindihing mabuti ang statement. (A) Pedeng employer agad and naghahanap - in this case, walang agency na involved, (B) pwedeng agency ang naghahanap, at (C) pwedeng freelancer din ang naghahanap (eventually will connect you to an agency or employer).

3. Fees and Payments: Agency fees when you get a job - Licensed agencies in Singapore can collect the maximum amount of 2 month salary and it should be paid after job seekers are successfully placed with the employer.

Common practices by some licensed Agencies in Singapore to earn more money and keep their business running:

Paying $20 - $50 for an initial interview. Easy money for them. This is to explain why so much job postings on the internet since they just collect resume in this process and earn money. Some agencies do it the right way but not all.
- Is this legit? Yes.
- Refundable? No.
- Me mapapala ba ako? Pwedeng meron, pwedeng wala. A typical 15-30 minute interview. The agency will then put your file in active and should an opportunity comes, they will contact you and arrange an interview with an employer.
- Me guarantee ba na makakakuha ako ng trabaho? Wala.

Value-Added Services. Additional $300-$500. Prioritising your applications, making it more visible to employers, at least one interview etc. Madaming sweet words na papasok dito. A typical Juan who's ending his visit pass here in Singapore may fall to this sort of scam. I recommend not biting to this. Always remember: There are no shortcuts.

Freelancers may also ask money from you. Normally, they will get a commission cut from the agency. Sobrang malawak na usapan to with a lot of examples. Please be careful in releasing money.

When dealing with agencies, ok lang ang $20-$50 initial payments especially kung me extra money ka naman. It may help expand your reach to companies while looking for a job.

4. Which agency to deal with. - Anything you see online that matches your experience, go apply to it. Any agency that contacts you, go apply to it. Always remember, it's a numbers game in finding a job here in Singapore. The more applications you submit, the more chances of getting noticed. But always be vigilant and aware of malpractices that they can do to you.

I hope mawalan na ng mga reklamo dito sa forum about scams from agencies. Hindi biro ang perang nilalabas ng kababayan natin. Ito ay dugo at pawis nila or ng sponsors nila (magulang, kamag-anak, kaibigan).

Salamat po.



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