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Question re minimum salary in SG

Question lang po. 2,000 SGD per month ang offer po sakin pero through an agency in the Philippines (Nasa PH ako). Can I still get an S pass? Diba minimum 2,300?


  • Ano po agency nyo or ano po position?
  • Minimum of SPASS is 2600 na ata ngayon, Since agency yan sa pinas for sure my kickback na sila dyan sa original na sahod mo bro. Pero for me good na yan atleast sure na may work ka na pag punta SG. Yes ma approve yan, may kilala ako nag agency sa pinas 2200 SGD sahod pero EPASS approved.
  • Accountant po ako FYI
  • Is 1968 your date of birth? Kase may factor din yung years of experience vs amount offered
  • baka namali lang ata ng type baka nakatira sya malapit sa 168....sa may Divisoria......
  • Accountant ako, 3yrs exp, 26 years old. 2,000 sgd per month ang offer as accountant
  • @lexsanval same experience as mine, same age, same line. I'm into audit sa pinas. Seeking for a job here in sg. ANong agency ka sa pinas and for what position? Kc upon searching sa workabroad ph, wlang accountant na role offered dto if agency sa pinas. Unless may alam ka na hnd ko nasearch.
    Ang minimum really is 2,200 sgd. but per self assessment, pumapalo ako ng 2,600 sgd. unless your company is going to over declare or hnd na nagseself assess sa website ng mom.
  • @lexsanval you can ask me for inputs here in relation to our course.
    Also you can check my post. It might be helpful at some point.

    May mga kilala ako na ngsosoli ng Part ng sahod nila. Their aim is to land a job muna den lipat sa bago. Pero mind you, pg nahuli, mapapauwi sa pinas, laki ng mawawala satin. Kc it's under the table.
  • Eligibility for S-pass must have minimum salary of $2,200 . think twice pay ino-offer ay lower than that.
    Magkano ba placement fee mo?
  • Hindi pa napag usapan placement fee pero direct hire daw. Na try ko na self assessment and 2,600sgd nga para sa spass. May sister ako na 3yrs PH nurse nag work sa SG for 1,800sgd per month wala naman problema. Thru agency din sya. May difference ba pag employed thru an agency?
  • If 2,600 ka pmpalo, Spass ka. And ung 2,600 na un, un dpat ung nakadeclare na sahod mo and un din dpat ing marreceive mo☺️ Unless may internal agreement kayo na magsoli ng part ng salary mu.
    Kelan pa ngwork ung ate mo? Work permit na sya or spass?
  • basta wag ka magbabayad ng placement fee hanggat hindi approve ang pass mo.
  • edited May 2018
    @lexsanval kasi yung nurses me mga allowances sila and housing so parang pag tinotal mo aabot pa rin sa spass min salary. tsaka 3 years ago mas mababa yung min salary
  • 1800 din ung friend kong nurse, plus 400 na housing allowance so abot dn ng 2200. Iba din proseso ng nurse at ibang profession.
  • edited June 2018
    yap, nurse is in a different category. partly kung bakit nagkaroon ng S-Pass ay dahil sa linya nila

    one more thing sa nurse, madami silang iba-ibang allowance kaya yung total monthly nila ay pasok sa S-Pass requirement
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