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Chance of PR?

Dear All,

I want to ask po ano ang chances ko to get my PR approved. For those who were approved, ano po ang profile niyo?

Age: 24

Education: Local University, Engineering
Came to Singapore under ASEAN scholarship.
Studied engineering sa NTU from 2011 to 2015 (4 years as student)

Work Experience: Total 2 years, with "record"
Worked from 2015 to 2016 as sales and project consultant for a local software company (1.5 years working)
Year 2017 mostly nasa Pilipinas.
Started new job Dec 2017 til now (hence 6 months sa job), Promoted within 3 month sa current job ko
Job scope: recruitment consultant focusing on digital roles for financial services (banks, insurance etc)
Do note that nung Nov 2017, I tried to enter before my pass was approved (want to settle housing) and I was denied entry. Na resolve na siya given I was able to get my pass and working here.
Current salary: $4,500.00 base + commission

Nationality: Filipino, non chinese

Director sa school for environmental awareness event, head the largest school event
Volunteered for Chingay 2018

Professional Certifications:
Certificate of Employment Intermediary

Dating (but not yet married) to Singaporean. He is my age and still a student but expected salary when he graduates from NUS is min $7,000 (banker)

What do you think?


  • Whatever response is written, take it with a pinch of salt for the one sure thing you can count on, is the fact that the process is a black box. The most expected get rejected, and the unexpected get accepted.

    So save yourself the emotional rollercoaster, apply if you really want to, don't make any plans based on it, then move on.

    Nobody, I repeat, nobody - will be able to confirm nor deny whether you stand a good chance or not.
  • @legion07 have you ever tried applying before? Just keep on trying.
  • edited May 2018
    marry a local :) :) :)

    ang laki ng sahod mo as 24yo. ako 30+ and below 3k salary :'( :'( :'(

    apply lang and good luck
  • @Samantha1 pag palipat lipat ng company, pataas din ng pataas.
  • Lipat na lang kayo sa IT, before you turn 30 lampas 10k ka na.
  • @maya gusto ko din lumipat pero mahirap now.

    @JuanDeLaCruz matanda na ata ako sir kapag mag aral ulit. baka 40 na ako at kaka simula lang sa IT environment. :D :D :D
  • Hi @Samantha1! Have you thought of applying for PR before you went back sa PH nung 2017? For me, I think malaki ang chance mo compared to other Pinoys* kasi you were able to get your bachelors here. Di ko lang sure kung may impact yung pag stay mo sa Pinas for around a year. Pampataas lang din siguro ng morale, lahat ng fresh grad workmates ko that graduated from NUS/NTU got their PR applications approved within 6 months -- yun nga lang walang Pinoy sa kanila :lol: puro galing China and India.

    * Take note, malaki ang chance mo compared to other Pinoys applying for PR. Ibang usapan pag isasama natin yung buong population ng applicants hahaha! Alam naman natin gaano na kahirap for other nationalities ang mag apply for PR (at alam naman nating SG will try hard na ma-maintain yung current ethnicity ratio nila), pero given that you had your bachelors here at under scholarship pa, I'd say you have a good chance. Pero sabi nga ni @JuanDeLaCruz, we can only hope for the best and expect the worst. Good luck!
  • Base sa profile at credentials mo mas may pag asa ka compared sa ibang pinoy na nag apply. Pero at the back of the curtain, di natin alam kung anu ba talaga basehan nila.. pero kung ma reject ka may 2nd bullet ka pa naman. Asawahin mo yung syota mong singaporean mas malaki chance na maPR ka.
  • @arvs0z hindi po ako yung TS, si @legion07 po. hehehe
  • not the right time. kasi malapit na eleksyon.
  • Mga kabayan
    This time ng apply kami hubby ko thru agent 6yrs na namen sya kilala ang maganda sa local n agent n un di kami hiningan ng fee pag approved saka sila hihingi ang babayaran lng un application fee.
    For the 6th time sana lumusot na hehe.
    Pero mahirap umasa kaya apply lng ng apply wala naman mawawala hehe. Goodluck sa mga mag aaplay ulit.
  • Try mo mgapply kc mas may edge ka pero mas mlaki chance mo kpg ngasawa ng local prang yung ksma ko sa work na chinese malay nareject nung una tpos after kinasal cla ng BF na local then ngapply ulit naapruv agad. WP lng xa at below 1500 lng salary nya.
  • @pandawong25 care to share the details of the agency? thanks
  • Same case kay @Samantha1 .. over 30, less than 3k salary. Haha. 4 yrs xp sa PH bago nakapasok dito early 2018.

    @legion07 Naniniwala ako sa sinasabi nilang lahat dito, apply lang - slim chance is better than no chance at all. Impressive credentials. Sana maapprove ka. :)
  • tama, apply lang. malay mo dumating ulit ang panahon na mabigyan na ulit ng pagkakataon na ang lahi natin ay mabigyan na ulit ng PiAr
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