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Use your Medisave efficiently!

Hi! Chester here again guys and for today I just wanted to talk about our Medisave and how we can use Medisave (which is our own money) efficiently. Singaporeans and PRs who are currently working here in Singapore are forced to contribute on Medisave, please take not that Medisave is a part of your CPF OA account, Medisave is a national medical savings scheme administered by the government while CPF SA account focuses on our retirement. Now the real question is how can you use your Medisave efficiently? Currently, your Medisave is used for your Medishield Life premiums (Basic Hospitalization Plan provided by the government). But if you would read my previous forums regarding about Medishield Life you would see why its called a "basic" hospitalization because Medishield Life is limited itself.

For all Singaporeans, they can claim for 100%(with some limitations) on their Medishield but if you're a PR you can only claim below 50% (46-48%), how about upgrading your self in a 100% coverage without using any of your cash-flows? I'm talking about purchasing a Shield Plan. A Shield Plan is a Medisave approved hospitalization plan that can work together with your Medishield. The best part is we can use your Medisave for your own additional coverage (I mean its quite fair to use your own money inside Medisave to upgrade your coverage right?) How about using your Medisave to have a 100% coverage rather than paying the 50% of your hospital bills upfront?

AXA offers this coverage for your hospitalization coverage and its called AXA Shield Plan A. (Please take note that I've referred to my previous forum for the summary shown below)

Here's a summary of benefits under AXA Shield Plan A:
-Annual Limit would be 1M$ per policy year
-Can go Private Hospitals
-Pre and Post hospitalization are covered as well (360 for Pre-hospitalization and 180 for Post-Hospitalization) eto po yung mga expenses na ma iincur nyo before getting warded in the hospitals since you can only claim in Medishield if you get warded min 6 hours. If you have the Shield plan we cover these expenses before being admitted and the Post expenses after being discharged.
-Letter of Guaranty of will be 1M$ under our Panel Hospitals

and yung Shield Plan po ng AXA has this unique feature of having an E-card, most of the time dipo tayo nagpapaward or admit for cough, fevers, flu, or foodpoisoning etc. So we can cut your cost by 12$ for the checkup if you have this E-card (WOW just 12$ for a check-up) and 100$ po for Specialist check-up (Eye Specialist, Skin Specialist, Bone Specialist etc.)

The good thing about this is we can use Medisave to pay for the upgrade on Medishield, except for the rider which covers Deductible and Co-insurance (cash part po ito pero optional po).

If you guys still need more information regarding about this, I would love to answer your querries, please dont hesitate to contact me on my number shown below.

PS: You might want to reconsider this as early as possible because this plan doesn't cover pre-existing.

HP: 8766-7369
Whatsapp: 8766-7369

Thank you guys and have a nice day!

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