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Seeking: Dynamic, Entrepreneurial Corporate Sales Expert


We are a successful and profitable organic, EU/USDA-certified food start-up company, growing at triple-digits since our humbling beginnings a few years ago. Our products are manufactured in our own plant in Singapore and we are building a dynamic, capable, smart and energetic team to help support our growth and further expand our business. Our fast-growing number of clients - 5 star hotels, airlines, beverage manufacturers, cafes, retailers, grocery chains - keep us on our toes. We have established an extremely lean, un-bureaucratic, fast-paced organisation structure and work processes to allow us to focus on what really counts: Products and markets.


We urgently need help to continue expand our sales force. If you are looking for a
+ 9-to-5 office job with a coffee break every other hour and ample time to stay in touch with your Facebook friends;
hierarchical organisation structure with multiple layers of supervisors;
+ set of rules that stipulates how to conduct your job and when to do what;
+ fancy job title that consists of at least three words;

then we are definitely not for you.

If, inexplicably, you don’t fit the above because you
+ are dynamic, self-confident, entrepreneurial and street-smart;
+ master the English language well and are highly communicative;
+ are very familiar with the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem;
+ love being an important part of a fast-paced company with very ambitious goals and team members from seven countries
+ understand the meaning of being hard-working, creative and resourceful without looking it up on the internet;
+ are aware that we run a business and have bills to pay so we need to get things done;

then please join us!


Our to-do list is very long:
+ Research, analyse, identify and classify target market segments and strategic sales opportunities;
+ Develop corporate sales strategies and plans;
+ Generate leads, acquire and visit prospective clients (hotels, airlines, resorts, café chains, beverage manufacturers, food manufacturers);
+ Develop customized a product and service portfolio, orchestrate internal resources;
+ Conceptualise, plan and execute point-of-sale promotions and marketing campaigns in cooperation with our clients.

Please drop us a meaningful mail with your salary expectations and we'll be glad to get back to you! Please refrain from calling or visiting us.


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