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For Pre-Order: Special UBE Macapuno Cake/Brazo de Mercedes/ Coconut Macaroons, other cakes...etc


Selling these baked goodies. The ingredients that I'm using in my baked goods are only of finest and good quality. See sample list below. For inquiries/orders, please contact me at 83896827.

1. UBE/Yam Macapuno Cake - the cake is moist and fluffy with a great ube flavour in every bite coupled with macapuno filling, the classic flavor combination will surely have you and your guests coming back for seconds . 8 inches in diameter and 3.5 inches height

2. Brazo de Mercedes - A soft meringue rolled cake with rich custard filling. 12. 5 inches long

3. Coconut Macaroons - soft, chewy and chock-full of coconut flavor, these mini cupcakes are absolutely addicting. 35 pieces or 70 pieces

4. Salted Caramel chocolate Cake - Moist chocolate cake with salted caramel filling and buttercream. The icing is less sweet. 8 inches diameter and 4 inches height

5. Nutella Oreo Cake - The flavour pairing is so heavenly - moist chocolate sponge, a generous spread of nutella in between layers and oreo buttercream. 8 inches diameter and 4 inches height

Other Cake flavours: Peach or Mango Crumble Cake. For mango it depends on the availability
Mocha Crunch Cake
Matcha White Chocolate Cake
Blends of Chocolate
Roasted Pistachio Cake
Various flavors of cupcakes are available too. Also, I can customize fondant cakes and cupcakes for any celebrations.


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