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beginners guide for stock market investor

pls feel free to visit my site if you want to learn about stock market investing in the Philippines.
I have free ebook in here. this is my first time to write about stock market.




  • Sir.... andito po ba kayo sa SG?
    Pwede po ba pa-turo on how to do PSE Stocks Trading po?
    Ok po ako kahit po may fee.

  • Madaming tutorials online. Try mo magresearch.
  • Totoo po, maraming tutorial online.
    Pero nakakaduling po sa dami.

    Sana ma'y totoong tao talaga na magtuturo kung paano.
  • Merong mga organized trainings and seminars dito sa sg. Pero costly sya, like 400sgd? Isang araw lang yun. Meron din free seminars mga brokers sa pinas.
  • Tyaga lang tlga. Start ka muna self study then attend ng mga seminars.
  • Madam @maya, pahingi naman po ng links on those seminars here in SG na for PSE or Philippine Brokers po? Or kahit trader na nagtuturo po ng kapwa Pinoy. Salamat po.
  • edited February 2018
    Sa traders apprentice pilipinas-fb page at investagrams.com, may mga nagoorganize dun at nagtuturo din. Self review ka muna. Pag nagattend ka seminar agad2, baka mapanganga ka sa terms na ginagamit nila kasi hindi familiar. It takes yrs of continuous learning, pero hindi pa rin sya madali. Good luck!
  • all I can say.. yung mga nagtuturo ng stocks.. kung talagang magaling sila at marunong mag stock trade, hindi sila mag b-business ng ganyan.

    Anyone can teach you what the mechanics of stock trading is and how it all works. Hell, even the internet can teach you that - for free. But making money from the stock market is a different beast altogether.

    Paying a university will get you your MBA, but it's not actually the path to become a billionaire.
  • True. Kung talagang magaling magtrade, bakit ka pa magsasayang ng oras para kumita ng kakarampot sa pagtuturo kung milyones kinikita sa trading.
  • I agree with you po Sir @JuanDeLaCruz .
    Yong mga totoong kumikita talaga, bakit pa magpapabayad, di bah?

    I did mention na ok sa'kin kahit may "fee" yong nagtuturo.
    But honestly po, ibig ko'ng sabihin is burger-fee lang po sana.
    Kaso, nahihiya naman akong sabihin kasi ako po yong gustong matuto.

    Maam @maya , medyo alam ko na po ang mga terminologies ng stocks trading.
    Kahit nga po pag-plot ng TA/indicators medyo marunong na ako.

    Ang real bottle neck po is on how to find the stocks to trade between all the stocks in PSE. Paano po ba i-screen ang tipong ok at tipong hindi?

    This portion po sana ang gusto ko matutunan.

    Salamat po.
  • Sir @JuanDeLaCruz ... pwede po ba paturo sa'yo?
    Please naman po... kahit may beer-fee or burger-fee po. Available po ako after work - 6pm onwards and whole day on sundays (6-day work ako :( ) .

    Gusto ko lang po talaga ma-learn kung paano manghagilap ng good stocks to trade from all the stocks in PSE.

    Sana po ok sa inyo.
  • I'm the wrong person to ask. I doubt successful stock traders will be lurking on this board. So this is also the wrong place to look for them.
  • I don't like TA btw.. it's all bullsh** in my opinion (opinion lang na man, pasensya sa mga die hard TA fans) mag focus ka na lang sa value investing. Buffet is a value investor, that should already teach you something given he's the most successful investor in the world.
  • It's good you're seeking out a mentor, so many people get burnt in the stock market if you don't know what you're doing.
  • @JuanDeLaCruz ... ok po salamat.

    @Will_PH .... oo nga po eh. Sana may pumayag na maging mentor.
    Kayo po Sir, are you on PSE stocks trading too.
  • edited February 2018
    hah no, real estate ako. I find real estate more addictive. I tried to start a group discussion last year but there was no interest hehe.
  • You're on real estate Sir? Galing naman.

    Sorry if medyo off-topic na to ... pero what's the style po bah para kumita in real estate? buy & flip? or buy, build and rent?
  • Many different strategies. But it's not a step-by-step guide you can follow. Personally I've done Rentals and Buy with no money down both of which have been profitable.

    My advice to you if you want to get started in real estate:
    1) Not to get advice from real estate agents/brokers (or any one that's trying to sell you something for that matter)
    2) Pick an area, doesn't really matter where, just as long as it's a thriving area - employment, infrastructure, public transpo etc. Know the values in the area inside out, know the rents that clear in the area inside out.
    3) Learn how to find deals and how to raise the capital for your deals.
  • edited February 2018
    I took full note of all 3 points Sir @Will_PH . Salamat po.

    I have some questions lang po sana....

    Im very interested in this part po:
    Personally I've done Rentals and Buy with no money down both of which have been profitable.
    Pwede po kaya pa-elaborate nang kaunti on the part of "no money down" po

    And on #3 po Sir:
    3) Learn how to find deals and how to raise the capital for your deals.
    Aside from family members (very unlikely for my end).... di po bah banks lang ang option natin?

    Salamat po.

    PS: Sorry again for this off-topic
  • FYI lang.. lahat ng mga sagot sa tanong pwede hagilapin by asking your best friend mr google. hahahahah k thx bye. #EpalModeAkoRightNow
  • Salamat po Sir @JuanDeLaCruz on your #EpalModeAkoRightNow .
    No worries po, naiintindihan ko kayo.

    Ang sa aking lang naman .... self-studying takes a very very long time.
    I've been self-studying for 3 years na on stocks.
    Pero may mga points talaga na mas mabuti sagutin ng totoong nagti-trade.

    Tnx again.
  • Anyone?
    Wala ba tagalang gusto mag-share man lang?

  • edited April 2018
    Think about it dude.. why would someone divulge their trade secrets to you? If someone has made anything valuable, this will be highly guarded and protected. Successful folks subconsciously seek to maintain competitive advantage at all times.
  • edited April 2018
    Yung mga successful traders (day, swing, momentum, scalping, etc) talaga na may own strategy na at consistent results, they don't lurk online or in any form of media broadcasting their strategies and secrets. Di rin sila nag lilibot sa buong mundo doing paid seminars. They are busy spending their own earnings sa personal dreams, family, travel, luho, collection, etc.
    And think about it, kapag umabot ka sa stage that you were able to polish your trading strategy and plan that produces consistent positive results, di mo yun ipagkakalat, kasi that strategy relies on the other market participants to keep on doing what they are doing, self-fulfilling prophecy nga di ba. Kapag lahat ng market participants eh pare pareho ang ginagawa at iisa lang ng strategy, your strategy will not produce a consistent result. Dapat the rest will just keep on doing what they're doing.
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