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  • Checklist/Tips to Avoid Scam from Agencies

    kamusta ikaw @buBbles!
  • Would you go back to PH to work?

    just to anwer threadstarter's question...i would go back! iba pa rin sa pinas with family.
  • Trying my Luck -Banker

    hello @ella8! Wag ka kabahan. Focus on your goals. Keri mo yan :D
    Continue sending applications. Non-stop. Para pag dating mo dito, sana may interviews ka na. If waley, ganon din kasi gagawin mo dito, send ng send ng application. So start early.
    Pwede ka mag-extend up to 30 days. no prob naman. sabihin mo pag tinanong ka, nagustuhan mo dito talga. hahaha.
    Lastly, enjoy SG. Mahal dito if compare mo sya sa pinas, pero marami naman mga pwedeng puntahan or gawin dito na walang bayad. :D

    mas maganda if ikaw gumawa ng sayo. kasi ikaw nakakakilala sayo. sa mga nagawa mo. sa mga skills and experiences mo. alam mo kung paano mo mapapabango yung profile mo.

    Yung cv ko, ginaya ko lang din sa internet yung template niya. pero yung content...from my brain and heart hahhahaha.
  • Questions on In-Principle Approval and S-Pass

    Congrats!!!! @isorn4x

    Baliktarin ko question mo ah, gawin natin in sequence form:

    2 Saka yung Card for employment pass kasabay po ba ni employer iaapply sa MOM w/ my medical results?
    So ganito bes:
    1. pa-medical ka muna. pag may result na, ibigay mo yun kay employer.
    2. Iaaply ka ni employer for appointment with MOM.
    3. punta ka sa MOM on your appointment schedule, saglit lang yun when i had mine. may kukunin na documents from you tapos kukunan ka ng thumbprint and photo.
    4. Wait for the delivery ng pass.

    1 Pero db po may need pa ako asikasuhin sa embassy? ano-ano po need ko asikasuhin sa embassy?
    1. Once you get your pass, pa-appointment ka sa embassy. tapos punta ka dun. apply ka ng owwa. bring necessary docs. nasa website nila yun besh. read up.

    if you have any other questions, I think your HR can answer that. Go talk to them. They're the best people to answer your questions, tbh. Start ka na agad. Sayang ang sahod. Goodluck!