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  • Undergrad with 10 years experience

    @Knight69 I can't answer that for you. Pero yung job na inoffer sa gf ko before warehouse manager. So possible na maghire ng foreigner.

    Maganda naman pala experience mo. You can tell the future employer na under Singapore company ka din naman nagwork jan sa Thailand.
  • Undergrad with 10 years experience

    @knight69, may 2 magkapatid na Pinoy sa subsidiary company namin na nagwowork sa logistics. Tapos yung gf ko before naofferan ng work as warehousing staff pero di nya tinanggap. Yun lang and good luck.
  • Job Offer for Architect - Knowledge in Revit BIM

    @wuunderkid , super laking advantage sa architect job seeker na marunong magrevit. Yung landlady namin Sr. Archi sa isang Main Con dito. Last time naghahanap sya ng Archi Asst. pero "required" na advanced ang knowledge sa BIM/Revit.

    I don't know sa iba. :)
  • s pass application

    @iampinay, will it really matter if EPASS or SPASS yung mai-apply? Kasi all pass holders will share the same fate if hindi marenew yung pass. Regardless if si EPASS kumikita ng $4k or si SPASS na kumikita ng $5k or vice versa.

    Tapos medyo pahirapan pa yung pagrenew ng EPASS ngayon. Tingnan mo yung nangyari kay @Suddenly_Susan if you have read her thread.

    If push talaga ng EPASS, ask ur HR officer na kung ano yung lumabas na requirement ng SAT na sweldo, yun yung iapply para more chances of approval.

  • s pass application

    @iampinay , yung sakin kasi before as soon as sinabi sakin nung HR na naiapply na, nakita ko na agad online. Baka hindi pa naiaapply. Give it sometime, maybe a day or two, if wala pa din talaga saka na lang mag follow up.