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  • Ay-shoes naman! kaya nadadamay ang ibang FT na matino.
    Praying na magbago sya.

  • aray. kaya ang pangit ng imahe natin. dapat dito binibitay.

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    eto pa. yung mga makakati jan wag niyo pahiya kapwa mga pinoy. baka kayo masusunod na e tulfo

    haiz ano ba yan. hindi dinisclose ang status ng magnanakaw ng shoes. not much info about him.

    yung nag forge naman ng receipt haiz. kapalmuks. hope ban na kau sa sg at pagdusahan niyo ang bilanggoan sa pinas.

  • yung ex staff ng doctor para lang makatakas at di mabawi ung pera nahuthut nya sa pagiging gold digger naghanap ng butas at ginamit ung asawa ng pinsan. Si tulfo naman di man hinayaan lang na di ibalik ung pera nahuthot, bigla nabaling ung story sa asawa ng pinsan....talaga naman napaghahalata pera pera lang talaga

  • tapos ung isang story naman dadahilan ex marine bakit meron ka ba nabalitaan na nakalaban ng mga taga dto na assign lang sa iba bansa for training pero di naman sila sumasabak sa labanan

  • I'm sure nabalitaan nio na din po ito (this is I think the worst case of all) tsk tsk :s

    Accountant who embezzled nearly $4 million from SG tech firm gets 9.5 year prison sentence

    Ariel Biasong Salamanes, a Philippine national who embezzled almost S$4 million from the company he had been employed at as an accountant, was sentenced yesterday to 9.5 years in prison.

    Salamanes, 42, pleaded guilty to 15 charges, including criminal breach of trust and falsification of accounts. Most of the money he stole was remitted back home to the Philippines, while some was sent to the United Arab Emirates to pay off existing credit card debts from a period of time he had spent living there.

    Formerly an employee of data analytics company QlikTech Singapore, Salamanes was responsible for the company’s bookkeeping, accounts payable, and receivables from 2012 to 2017.

    During his employment there, he was given the power to sign checks, on his own, on behalf of the company — for payments as high as $10,000, Channel News Asia reported. From April 2013 to June 2017, he signed a total of 451 checks and deposited the funds straight into his own bank account before sending the money overseas. He then covered up his embezzlement by instructing other employees to make fraudulent entries in the company’s accounting system.

    Overall, Salamanes made 835 remittances in 241 days to the Philippines and the UAE, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Cheng Yuxi. Most of the money sent to the Philippines was deposited into bank accounts belonging to Salamanes, his boyfriend, and various family members, but Salamanes reportedly kept approximately $408,000 in Singapore for his own personal use.

    According to authorities, the money remitted to the Philippines was used to buy condominium units, as well as put into investments under multi-level marketing schemes and stocks.

    Salamanes’ white-collar heist ended when he was caught by the Commercial Affairs Department of the Singapore Police in June 2017. QlikTech also conducted its own internal investigation and reported its erring employee to the police when they discovered his embezzlement scheme.

    At his trial, Salamanes tried to persuade the judge to give him a lighter sentence by explaining that a portion of the embezzled money was used to fund the education of 20 Filipino college students, but the judge was having none of that Robin Hood BS. “The point is that the money was not yours to give away, to begin with,” District Judge Ong Luan Tze told him during the sentencing, Today Online reported.

    Salamanes’ lawyer Christine Sekhon, as part of his defense, also told the court that her client was suffering from depression that was allegedly triggered by a breakup with a long-time partner during the time period in which he committed the crimes, reported The New Paper.

    “My client felt he performed heroic acts helping people through [a] crisis… and rationalized that the company was profitable… He rationalized that other people needed the money more, and derived self-worth from these acts which he now accepts was misguided,” Sekhon said.

    Judge Ong said that while she has “some sympathy” for Salamanes’ personal problems, they’re also not “an excuse to go around committing crimes.”

    Salamanes has not paid back his former employer, but QlikTech has recovered $3.9 million through fraud insurance.

  • The latest one.. another Pinoy… nakakalungkot :(

    ****Serial shoe thief who stole 156 pairs of shoes within a month jailed****

    SINGAPORE — He was on a jog when he saw shoes left outside residents’ apartments and thought about stealing the footwear and selling them online or bringing them back to his home country.

    Inspired by the idea, Canabe Warren Vicente, 41, stole shoes three to four times a week, accumulating a haul of 156 pairs of shoes and slippers.

    At the State Courts on Monday (4 November), Vicente, who is from the Philippines, was jailed for 13 months and two weeks.

    He pleaded guilty to eight charges of theft involving 13 pairs of shoes, among other stolen items, one count of housebreaking to commit theft and one charge of fraudulent possession of property involving 122 pairs of shoes.

    A total of 20 counts of theft involving 21 pairs of footwear, among other stolen items, were considered in sentencing.

    The cheapest items Vicente stole were three clothes pegs and a $5 floor mat, while the most expensive item was a computer worth $2,505.

    The cheapest footwear he stole was a $30 pair of shoes while the most expensive was a $320 pair of Nike running shoes.

    Carried haversack, disguised himself

    Vicente was jogging around La Fiesta condominium in Sengkang in July when he saw that many residents left their shoes outside their apartments, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Etsuko Lim.

    “He formulated a plan to steal their shoes so that he could sell them for profit, either via Carousell or by bringing them back to the Philippines. The accused thus began stealing shoes about three to four times a week,” the prosecutor added.

    Vicente would hide the stolen footwear in a haversack he carried with him. He would also wear sunglasses and a cap to disguise himself. He mainly struck in the day.

    On 16 July, Vicente went to a shoe cabinet placed along a common corridor of a HDB block in Compassvale Drive and took three pairs of shoes from the cabinet. The footwear was worth a total of $770: a $300 pair of Timberland boots, a $150 pair of Timberland shoes and a $320 pair of Nike running shoes.

    And outside another resident’s home at the same block, Vicente stole two storage boxes worth $30 each, a $5 floor mat and three clothes pegs.

    The same day, he also stole a $200 pair of Under Armour shoes left outside a resident’s home at La Fiesta condo.

    The next day, Vicente stole a $70 kick scooter at the common corridor of an HDB block in Compassvale Drive.

    On 22 July, Vicente also stole two pairs of shoes left outside another victim’s HDB home in Compassvale Lane - a $159 pair of Onitsuka Tiger shoes and a $99 pair of Pedro shoes.

    Eight days later, Vicente was walking around Compassvale Drive looking for footwear to steal when he walked past an HDB flat and saw a MacBook Pro computer placed on a table next to a sliding window by the common corridor.

    Vicente stretched his hand into the open window, pulled the tablecloth beneath the computer which was worth $2,505 and stole it. The culprit then went home, reset the computer to its factory settings and secured it with his own password.

    The victim made a police report later the same day and officers tracked down and raided the perpetrator’s home the next morning.

    Besides finding some shoes belonging to residents who had made a police report, officers also found 122 pairs of shoes which were suspected to have been stolen. Vicente could not satisfactorily account for these footwear.

    Officers also found the stolen MacBook Pro.

    The maximum penalty for theft is up to three years’ jail and a fine.

    For housebreaking to commit theft, Vicente could have been jailed for up to 10 years.

    The maximum punishment for fraudulent possession of property is a fine of up to $3,000 or up to one year in jail.

  • haiz ano ba yan. d sinabi status ng nagnakaw ng shoes sa sg.

    eto pa paskong2


    SINGAPORE — An employee of a well-known briyani restaurant siphoned nearly $100,000 over two years to fund his gambling habit, a court heard.

    Bulahan Temiel Valdenibro, 32, who worked for the century-old Islamic Restaurant along North Bridge Road was jailed for 21 months at the State Courts last Friday (20 December).

    The Filipino pleaded guilty to three out of four charges of criminal breach of trust as a servant.

    Valdenibro was employed as a quality control manager by the family-owned restaurant and handled the company’s purchases, licensing and its seven bank accounts, the court heard.

    As part of his work, he was entrusted with the company’s internet banking tokens.

    From January 2017 until January this year, Valdenibro transferred various sums of cash from two of the company’s bank accounts to his personal bank account. The total amount he misappropriated was $96,997.77.

    He would use the money to gamble at Marina Bay Sands Casino.

    On 24 January, the restaurant’s owner was alerted to discrepancies in a payment voucher to one of the company’s suppliers. The owner then discovered that company funds had been misappropriated and made a police report two days later.

    The amount involved in Valdenibro’s proceeded charges was $86,074.77. No restitution has been made thus far.

    Deputy Public Prosecutor V Jesudevan asked for a 21-month sentence, in line with previous criminal breach of trust cases involving similar amounts.

    District Judge Christopher Tan backdated Valdenibro’s jail term to the date of his remand on 22 November.

    The maximum punishment for criminal breach of trust as a servant is up to 15 years’ jail and a fine.

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    Grabe nakakahiya, nega points nanaman satin.

  • @Admin baka pwede pong gawin tong TOP s lahat ng discussion. Para mabasa ng marami at wag ng pamarisan pa. nakakahiya eh.

  • walang ka kuntentuhan sa buhay...haisszzz

  • sa totoo lang anglaki na ng sweldo natin dito sa sg, no need na gumawa ng kahit anong kalokohan. pero kung kulang pa rin yung sweldo to the point na gumagawa na ng masama, abah lifestyle mo na may problema.

  • ayun oh si @maya ra curry na nagsabi malaki sweldo nya....pakape ka naman

  • Noriza dancel de Luna. Dinamay nyo pa mga matitino na Pinoy.

    Nabisto cya na peke ang documents dahil nagsimula dito


    First Unlicensed Agent Convicted under the Revised Employment Agencies Act (EAA)
    31 January 2012 Foreign manpower
    31 January 2012

    A 30-year-old Singapore Permanent Resident, De Luna Noriza Dancel (“De Luna”), was fined $50,000 today for operating as an unlicensed employment agent (EA), among other offences as listed in Table A below. She is the first unlicensed EA to be convicted as a principal offender under the revised Employment Agencies Act (EAA), which came into effect in April last year. She was also convicted for employing her Filipino husband, Caladiao William Tolentino (“William”), without a valid work pass. Under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA), for employing a foreign employee without a valid work pass, she was fined $2,500.

    Charges faced by De Luna
    Table A
    S/N Charges Proceeded / Taken into Consideration
    1. Section 6(1) Employment Agencies Act (Chapter 92), for carrying on the activities of an unlicensed employment agency. Proceeded
    2. Section 6(1) read with Section 28A, for carrying on the activities of an unlicensed employment agency as a corporate person (as a director of NWCD). Taken into Consideration
    3. Section 5(1) Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (Chapter 91A), for employing a foreign employee (William) without a valid work pass. Proceeded
    35-year-old William was fined $20,000 on 19 January 2012 for abetting De Luna in her illegal employment activities. He also faced another charge of working without a valid work pass as listed in Table B below.

    Charges faced by William
    Table B

    S/N Charges Proceeded / Taken into Consideration
    1. Section 6(1) read with Section 28B of the Employment Agencies Act (Chapter 92), for abetting De Luna in her unlicensed employment agency activities. Proceeded
    2. Section 5(2) Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (Chapter 91A), for working without a valid work pass. Taken into Consideration

    Facts of the case
    De Luna was issued with a licence to operate an employment agency (EA), RSD Consultancy & Services Pte Ltd (“RSD”) in July 2010. While she was a licensee and a Director of RSD, she set up another EA three months later - NWCD Consultancy & Services Pte Ltd (“NWCD”) - with her husband, William, without obtaining a licence for NWCD. De Luna enlisted the help of William, who was in Singapore on a social visit pass then, to run the illegal EA. William assisted De Luna by posting job advertisements, sourcing for prospective employers and employees, and collecting agency fees, among other duties, between December 2010 and December 2011.
    De Luna’s licence for RSD expired in July 2011, but was not renewed as she was being investigated by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) for operating NWCD as an unlicensed EA. Despite being under investigation, she carried on with her unlicensed EA activities. In flagrant breach of the law, De Luna set up another EA, Impact Manpower Pte Ltd (“Impact”) without a valid licence in July 2011. To avoid detection by MOM, she conspired with a HR Manager, Tan Hai Hung (陈海涵) to assist her in operating Impact and to replace her with Tan’s wife as a Director for Impact in order to apply for a licence for the EA, which was subsequently granted on 18 November 2011. However, from July 2011, De Luna had continued with the unlicensed EA activities before Impact was issued with a licence. During this time, online applications for work passes for the foreign workers sourced by De Luna were made with the help of a licensed EA.
    De Luna’s involvement in Impact was investigated into following a query from a member of public, and she was arrested with William on 13 December 2011. MOM had, on 15 December 2011, also charged Tan Hai Hung (陈海涵), for abetment in conspiring with De Luna in her unlicensed EA activities. His case will be mentioned at a later date. MOM is also taking action against the EA which allegedly helped De Luna to make online work pass applications.

    Weeding out unlicensed agents
    Mr Aw Kum Cheong (区锦章), Commissioner for Employment Agencies (雇佣代理总监), MOM, said, "One of the ways to professionalising the EA industry is to weed out unlicensed EAs, and the new EA Regulatory Framework provides for severe penalties to deal with such EAs. Licensed EAs who abet the activities of illegal EAs will have their licence suspended and revoked. They will also be barred from running an EA. Such EAs – licensed and unlicensed - undermine the credibility of the EA industry. MOM will continue to step up enforcement and take strong punitive actions against those who act against the law, and undermine the integrity of the work pass framework.”
    Under the revised EAA, a Filipino, Jeraldine Pagulayan Tuliao, 39, was fined $20,000 on 10 November 2011 for abetting an unlicensed employment agent, Chua Mei Chern, in her illegal EA activities. MOM has charged Chua Mei Chern for operating as an unlicensed employment agent, and her case will be heard in court at a later date.

    Use Only Licensed Employment Agents
    The public are advised to use only MOM-licensed employment agents for their employment needs. To protect their interests, they are encouraged to verify the legitimacy of the EA through the EA Directory on the MOM website at www.mom.gov.sg/eadirectory. Members of the public who are aware of any individuals or EAs that are operating without a licence should contact MOM at Tel: (65)6438 5122 or email [email protected]. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

  • https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/filipino-woman-jailed-falsified-diploma-transcripts-ica-12262072 <= omg na channelnewsasia pa cya. kakahiya bakit kasi dapat mameke. hay nako , kung lulusot lulusot. deport tuloy yan. baka pati CPF kunin ng Gov. pati kinabukasan ng anak dinamay pa. kahiya.

  • hahahaha buti nga sa kanya. lumusot na sa PR gumawa pa ng unlicensed agency. ayan wasak ang buhay. kulong. since void ang PR, 100% deport yan. magtatago na sa pinas yan magpapagupit ng maikli. tapos new life kuno, pwe!

    dinamay pa anak at relatives nya sa katarantaduhan nya tsk tsk!

  • @kebs kaso maiksi na buhok so you mean magpapakalbo lol....grabe ang lakas ng loob gagawa ng kalokohan bka isa yan sa EA na mga napupunthan ng nagtry dto sa SG na wala naman kinakahinatnan after mag down for processing fee....tsssssk tsssskkk.....

  • paalala sa mga may asawa. wag maging makati ok?

    kawawa si kuya

    kawawa si ate

  • @Samantha1 :( safety officer daw si Kuya. kaso mali at hindi safe ang ginawa nya

    not worth it mambabae lalo na at may pamilya ka na. habang buhay mong pagsisisihan yan

  • @Samantha1 mapanood nga yan sakto at weekend. hahaha!

  • @ekme parang pinoy nga ung name. grabe, para sa maliit na halaga.

  • @maya malang sa pinoy nga yan at 2nd gen PiAr. hirap nyan, tatak na nya yan hanggang nandito sya. yun ay kung hindi tatanggalin ang PiAr nya

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    pag ganyang offence pwede ba ibigay na lang ung slot nya sa ibang deserving maging PiAr? hehe

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    Sino mahilig dito mag tiktok? tiktok user irvinwilsonperez na bash dahil sa kanyang vid about pronunciation of starbucks in singapore.

    tbh yung pronounciation nya sa singapore is sa pinoy.

    ayan tuloy nag private account niya. hahahaha




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