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  • What to tell the IO PH to avoid being offloaded

    alam nyo mga tropa peeps.. kahapon sa immigration pag labas ng pinas, meron silang waiver form na nakalagay "I will not hold BOI accountable should I be refused entry in destination country even though immigration suspects documentation presented is not sufficient" ek-ek na ganun... tinanong ko kung para saan yun.

    Sabi nya, kase ayaw naman nila talaga ipa offload mga tao na gusto mag hanap ng trabaho, lalo na kung meron sila pamilya na sasalo just in case things go wrong. Kase they also understand na meron din daw na gusto mag hanap ng trabaho...

    Ewan ko kung bagong policy ito....
  • Racism in SG ?

    tama si @AhKuan hindi lang ditto nangyayari. Basta meron minority sila palagi na may tendency ma a-api.

    guilty din tayo dyan, lalo na sa manila, pag tinatawanan ang mga taga bisaya or taga probinsya, oh diba?
  • Ano Bansa Pinaka Maganda Makakuha ng Citizenship?

    Top 25 best governments...
    Switzerland 1
    New Zealand 2
    Denmark 3
    Sweden 4
    Finland 5
    Luxembourg 6
    Canada 7
    Norway 8
    United Kingdom 9
    Australia 10
    United States 11
    Netherlands 12
    Singapore 13
    Ireland 14
    Austria 15
    Germany 16
    Belgium 17
    Iceland 18
    Japan 19
    France 20
    Malta 21
    Hong Kong 22
    Estonia 23
    Chile 24
    Cyprus 25