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  • There are some positives na man of working sa Pinas....

    Hindi inaasahan na matatangal ako sa SG (Pass renewal rejected), at ngayon na naka settle na ako ulet sa pinas, etoh lang masasabi ko. For all the obvious reasons why we choose to work in SG (money, safety, efficiency, government, public transport, etc) when I think about life holistically, and purpose of life, and your purpose of being in this world, meron din na man pang bato ang Pinas... these are some of the things i realised

    1. Sa PH, di mo ma f-feel second class citizen ka. Sa work life, home life, social life....
    2. You will uncover new depths of depression in SG that you never thought was possible. Sa pinas truly happy ka and you know it.
    3. Sa SG.. you're always thinking money. money money money. savings. kase pag gumastos ka, parang isip mo palagi should i have saved that. coz if your'e not saving in SG ano purpose na pinunta mo dun.
    4. Hard to envisage 'forever' in the long term sense sa SG. Unless you are PR or Citizen (which is practically so out of reach now), time is always short sighted for you never know when you'll eventually have to leave. Quality of life as a result isn't as 'abundant' as it should be.
    5. You will feel yourself worth more sa Pinas. Daming jobs, you get multiple job offers. Sa SG para kang ewan ko parang you're never good enough. See #1.
    6. Mas mabango at malinis ang mga kilikili ng mga lalaki ng mga pinoy. Mas masarap amuyin at himurin. So smorgasboard galore kung na sa pinas ka. Lalo na pag sumakay sa jeep dami gwapo na ka sando lang kita buhok ng kilikili nila.
    7. Mas marami kang family/friends network support sa pinas. Palagi ka masaya,
    8. You feel like you're living your true life sa pinas. I feel repressed sa SG, kahit na matagal ako dyan, parang di ko feel na sarili ko. Like it's some short fake temporary life I was living.

    I'm still greatful though for my SG experience, and just wanted to write lang that there are also positives din when coming back to Pinas (coz it's the one thing i feared the most the entire time I was there, and now that it's happened.. well.. it's not so bad afterall din pala :-) )

    Obviously na ka ipon ako which is why siguro happy ako sa life sa pinas (choose to live close to work,investments etc) so sa mga bagets dyan encourage ko pa rin kayo mag SG, pero make sure you save your hard earned money lang and be prepared for the emotional side and life adjustment...


    They reapplied na lang for an SPass pero hangang ngayon wala pa rin decision. oo tama, my kilikili sniffing days in singapore are almost up. pero marami na man mababango na kilikili sa pinas...
  • Game of Thrones..

    Ang sarap ng kilikili ni Jon Snow... k thx bye.
  • Investment Opportunities

    Yung mga SDMC Condos pinapapangit ang skyline ng manila. Yung mga smdc along MoA, at yung sa dulo ng Ayala Ave, yuck ang pangit talaga. sino ba nag aapprove mga designs na yan, nakaka sukha it's such a monstrous eyesore hahaha.
  • Karanasan: bedspace, room and house sharing experiences =>

    @Bert_Logan Mas nakak excite kung nakatali :-)

    @maya @carpejem Yung loud snoring/other noises issue.. solved na yan with ear plugs. really helps keep the noise out.. gamit ko din while taking those overnight budget airlines to manila para makatulog sa airplane. Tapos if easily woken up by light, can also use eye masks.. Good value yung eye masks kasi dual purpose sya - to help with sleeping and for blindfolding during fifty shades sessions.. hehe.