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    Funny how the fundamental questions being asked are being dodged....

    So I'm going to ask again..

    - Where is your company/entity registered? Please can we have either the registration number for SG or PH?
    - Who pays your wage/ what is your compensation/commission model? Where is the money flowing?
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    Having said that, I have heard of some people that experienced success using an agency with an up front payment model - my suggestion is, go with a recommendation that multiple people have vetted for. Ultimately the choice is yours.
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    @PinkPasta It depends on the business model. One way or another the agency/headhunter will get paid. Either through up front/staggered payments form employee, indirect between what they will charge employer per hour vs what clears your bank account or through a one off payment from employer.

    Ultimately the value add is identical,ie you need a job. But all players in the game are bound by the same market, same MoM rules. "They can only do local, foreign, etc" - it's all rubbish... when you get a job offer you all have to apply to the same Ministry of Manpower for a pass and they won't give a toss as to which agency has organised your job offer for you, as you will be assessed based on your own individual merit vs their criteria.

    So as a job seeker why bother making an upfront payment when you dont really have to. Once you've released money it can be tricky to get back especially if the agency knows you have a time bound limitation. Try chasing for your money back when you're outside the country. It's been done many times, it's all legal, it all gets swept under the rug and you'll end up just turning a blind eye and move on, then later on complain about your experience on a board like this.

    An agency's true value is if they actually land you a job, in which case is when they really should be paid (again only my own personal opinion, others obviously are willing to shell money out of sheer desperation and perhaps fool themselves into a sense of security that may or may not come to fruition).

    If you guys want, why don't we organise a meetup, let's get some participants and we can all share with you how you can land a job without paying up front agency fees.

    Again this post is not intended to disparage original poster - just stating facts - obviously this business model works as it's quite easy to setup shop and clearly there is demand. It's usually the large established ones that don't require such upfront payments, whereas for startups, it generates a lot of easy cash flow to keep the company afloat during the early stages of operation.
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    "those companies are only doing local placement " - disagree hahaha. I'm not a local and have been placed multiple times with 4 of the companies above. Never paid a single cent - registration, interview, successful placement. And when you meet with them they normally buy you a coffee hehe.

    But hey you're the expert of 5 years, what would I know :-)
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    Hi Everyone,

    Here's a list of recruitment agencies in Singapore which don't require any fees whatsoever and registering your CV is completely free (their business model is charging the employer instead of the employee):

    [email protected]
    +65 6228 0200

    [email protected]
    +65 6533 2777

    +65 3163 0402
    Submit resume: www.roberthalf.com.sg/jobseekers/submit-resume

    +65 6223 4535
    [email protected]

    +65 6709 3388
    [email protected]

    +65 6511 8555

    ....and these are just from the top of my head!

    All the best to everyone!